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The cradle: what is it for?

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A cozy little nest much appreciated by parents, the cradle has just risen to the place of the most adorable and symbolic baby accessories of childhood! But what is it really for a baby?

What is a crib?

The cradle is a small bed specially adapted for the first months of a baby. As the name suggests, most offer the possibility of rocking a baby thanks to a swing system or wheels.

Often made of fairly solid materials such as wood, its appearance, and its generally rather vintage look remind us of the baby beds of the old days. For the first months of the baby, we regularly compare the bassinet to the cradle. However, these are 2 beds with very different uses. The bassinet is placed on the ground or on a base. It is more compact and can also be transported using handles, or even, depending on its size and options, placed in a car with the appropriate equipment.

What is a crib used for?

The first function of the cradle is to be able to rock the baby in order to put him to sleep more easily and above all more quickly.

However, due to its narrow and cocooning volume, it keeps the baby warm and safe, avoiding any risk of tipping over and maintaining its position on its back during the first months . It also plays a comforting role for the baby by reminding him a little of the cozy and warm environment of his mother’s belly.

How to choose it?

There are many models of cribs offering various advantages; we find them at all prices.

Some cradles are equipped with casters, which are quite practical for easily taking the baby around the house without waking him up, others are equipped with a canopy or a bed mobile … Many cradles also offer a co-sleeping function thanks to removable bars and a fastening system to attach to the parent’s bed.

In order to choose it correctly, it is important to check that your cradle meets the NF EN 1130 safety standards. The bottom of the cradle must be flat and rigid, the height of the safety barriers must be at least 20 cm and The spacing between the bars must be less than 7 cm.

The choice of a cradle essentially depends on the budget you want to invest in this furniture and the features you are looking for for your baby.

Up to what age can a baby use the cradle?

Before choosing the cradle of your dreams for your child, you must take into account that its duration of use is necessarily short: from birth to a maximum of 6 months of the child.

Beyond that, your baby begins to sit up and develop his psychomotor skills: the cradle then becomes dangerous because it can tip over.

However, the cradle bed remains very popular with parents despite its ephemeral side. It is indeed more reassuring than a large cot, less bulky and mobile. It allows you to rock the baby without too much effort during colic or anxiety at night.

If you want to make the most of the purchase of your 1st baby cot, you can also go on an evolutionary co-sleeping bed which can accompany it up to about 3 and a half years like this model for example

Practical, it can be transformed into a classic co-sleeping bed, a cradle but also a bed with bars thanks to the height adjustment of its bed base.

For more info read more here crib attached to bed

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