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The Complete Guide To Save On Your Next Holidays

by Uneeb Khan

Saving money on your upcoming holidays is always a good deal, especially if you are going for something a little more expensive. Being able to save some cash without changing anything about your trip is a big deal, but it is not always easy to find the best ways to cut your costs.

Here are some of the most effective – and overlooked – methods of saving some money on your next holiday, no matter where you are going.

Package Tours

If you want to save a lot of money and get most of your trip pre-prepared for you, then a package tour is not a bad idea. While it might cut down on some of the flexibility that a fully custom holiday has, it also gives you a bundle of useful services all in one – generally for a reduced price.

Hotel Cashback

Hotel cashback often works through loyalty cards and other programs, meaning that it is not direct cashback. Even so, it can be an invaluable part of cutting down on your hotel costs during a long trip, especially if you will be going to multiple hotels from the same chain.


Using official apps for airlines, hotels, or other important parts of your trip can be very important. They do not just provide on-the-go services but can often come with discounts or other benefits that help you save money on the entire trip.

Check Promotional Material

Promo emails and other forms of communication can often come with small discount codes, promotion information, or other options for saving you some money. It is worth looking through your recent emails for any coupons that might be helpful in keeping your holiday costs down.

Loyalty Programs

Hotels, restaurants, and any other business that has a loyalty program can be a great place to look. If you have gone on multiple holidays before, or are taking a trip that goes through several locations, then loyalty programs can lower the costs of later hotel stays, restaurant visits, and so on.

Pay with Credit Cards

If you absolutely have to buy something at full price, like a flight or hotel booking, then be sure to use a credit card. This gives you more protection if something goes wrong, which can be really important given how confusing it can be to manage your finances between countries.

Convert Money Ahead of Time

If you are going somewhere that uses another form of currency, take a look at the conversion rates before you arrange the trip. It can be a good idea to convert some of your money when the conversion rate is in your favor since it might give you more spending money than converting it closer to the trip.

Use Cashback Apps

Cashback apps like Monetha can be invaluable for keeping your costs low. Not only do they offer a range of cashback options, but they can also give you a huge variety of rewards, many of which can be important when you are on holiday and do not have access to your usual shopping options.

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