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The benefits of burning candles in your home

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Candles turn out to be an excellent value addition to any home. Some people burn candles for their scent, or incorporate a relaxing touch during their self – care session there are other benefits of perfume candles. The sad part is that many of us have not realized the same. They are rated to be an aesthetic addition to your home, more than décor a useful component of your home. But burning candles is going to provide you much more than a fun style and a pleasant scent.

The moment you think of burning a candle a lot of things come to your mind. They are calming, peaceful and has a soothing feel after an entire day. Most people tend to burn candles on the day where they want to relax and eradicate the stress from their lives. When you pair it with a glass of wine, or a bubble bath and a cuddle on the couch the benefits of candles tends to does not stop there.

Among them soy candles due to the variety of scents on offer incorporated from essential oils have been an instant hit. The main component of these candles are soybeans which  burns clearer than the paraffin ones. So no doubts to the fact these candles are a healthier and better option for the needs of your home. Let us try to figure out some of the benefits that these type of candles can provide.


A major benefit of a candle is that it is embedded with amazing scents. Most of the scents that are used in candles are treated with essential oils  that provides nutritional benefits. Some of the essential oils provide relaxing effects, whereas others stimulate your brain and make you feel refreshed.

It is always better to use essential scent oils that provides a plethora of benefits. Most of the candles are scented with essential oils that turn out to be really beneficial. The popular type of essential oils that are being used in these candles are white lilac, lavender. The benefits that tend to accrue from these candles are linked to aromatherapy and the scents may help with a number of things.

Reduces stress

The candles are designed in such a manner to alleviate stress and improves your mood. So it makes sense that they can alleviate your stress levels. Most people include candles that is part of their self- care module as it enables them to feel relaxed and free from stress. To a considerable extent they are right. The aroma that tends to arise from the candles makes them feel relaxed and they are able to keep depression at bay. For example scents like lavender helps to relax your mind, reduces anxiety along with stress. After a hectic day of work you can burn a candle and close your eyes for a few minutes.

Increased focus

All of us enjoy burning of candles when we are working as there is a feeling that you are well ahead of the game. Candles enable you to improve your focus and enhance your productivity to the next levels. There are certain type of scents that stimulate your brain and leads to better productivity. Such benefits tends to go hand in hand with aromatherapy as the scents are of help to improve your focus levels. Some of the scents that can help you with focus are lemon, orange etc. The candles can be used as form of cover to your desks and helps you to improve the focus levels.

Improves your mood and helps you sleep better

There are certain type of scents that helps to improve your mood. In a study that was conducted it was found out that participants who were victims of depression as the scents like lemon improved their mood. If you are feeling low and require a pick- up opt for some light level candle scent, as you can close your eyes and relax for a while. You are going to feel better in a short span of time.

Another form of aromatherapy that candles provide is improved sleep. There are some type of scents that helps you relax and distress, it is bound to make sense that these scents will improve your sleep. You can light a candle before going to bed, relax followed by a mediation session and harp in on the benefits of these charming essential oils. There are numerous scented candles online and you can choose one as per your needs. Just make sure that you blow off the candle before you go to bed.

Stimulates memories

Emotions along with memories may be triggered by certain type of scents. This can boast your mood and make you feel happy. Numerous studies have been conducted revealing the fact  that smell may lead to an enhancement of an emotional memory that is going to make you feel good if you are down for any reason. The moment a scent is connected to a memory you will be able to trigger those memories that would lead to a rise in your mood levels. For example if one of your childhood memories is to drink lemonade on the back porch with your family, the use of lemon candles will enable you to bring back those memories and makes you feel a lot better.


Yes candles are beneficial as they add a degree of aura and simple touch to the décor of any room. If you are looking for some pleasing and pleasant decorations for your home, candles are not only beneficial but they can be put to use for all the benefits that is mentioned above. When candles are not being used they can serve various decorative purposes.

The sad part is that a lot of people are not even aware about these unheard benefits of candles. Some of them use it for the scent, whereas others for fun and in the eye of others they can provide a host of benefits.

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