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The Annual Cost Of Owning A Pet

Sometimes the attraction of a playful puppy or cuddly cat is so great that the choice to bring a pet home turns into an impulse buy. But this commitment is serious: Some pet lovers are unprepared for the cost associated with owning and responsibly caring for an animal because many pets can live for more than ten years. If you’re considering getting a pet, be prepared to support your noble intentions with a sizable financial outlay. We’ll examine some of the essential costs of pet ownership in this article.

Costs of Basic Pet Care

It doesn’t matter where you live; getting a new pet is expensive. While adoption fees from a shelter can range from nothing to several hundred dollars, you can expect to pay anything from several hundred and several thousand dollars if you buy your pet from a pet store or a breeder. However, even if you receive your pet for free, the actual cost is the constant cost of providing for it.


The most obvious expense is food, which may come from unexpected places. No matter the type of food—fish flakes, rabbit pellets, dog kibble, cat chow—every creature needs, it costs money. According to the American Pet Products Association (APPA) 2021-2022 National Pet Owners Survey, feeding a cat can cost an average of $4.88 per week and feeding a dog can cost an average of $5.52 per week.

The majority of pet owners also spend money on extras like toys, treats, beds, leashes, carriers, cages, and training sessions for their animals. Although you can’t really cut back on pet expenses, the cost of food should be taken into account when choosing a pet.

·Health Care

Medical care is another definite cost. Even fish can get sick, and in order to prevent more problems, our four-legged friends need some basic medical treatment. For dogs and cats, a yearly exam is considered normal care. According to an APPA poll, the average American spends $583 yearly on their dog’s medical care, compared to just $343 for cats, despite the fact that most cat owners have multiple cats.

Regular veterinary care costs the same as getting your car serviced. Similar to a car inspection, going to the vet occasionally reveals additional problems that need to be fixed.

These issues are frequently very expensive. Without factoring in surgical procedures, ongoing therapy, or medications, cancer diagnostic tests can easily cost more than $1,000.

The average cost of surgical care for a pet is thought to be around $458 for a dog and $201 for a cat, according to the APPA poll.  A startling $34.3 billion was spent by all Americans in 2021 on veterinary care for animals.

·Yearly Expenses

If these figures give you the shakes, you might want to think again about getting a pet. Responsible pet owners are aware that their animals frequently have health issues, and they are prepared to face the financial costs associated with protracted illnesses or unexpected injuries. According to the APPA 2021-2022 National Pet Owners Survey, the predicted average annual cost of owning a dog or cat is shown in the table below:

Additional Costs to Take Into Account

Of course, the price of owning a dog might increase if you need additional services like pet sitting, training, or grooming. Some of the extras to think about are listed below.

·Dog Walking

 You’ll need to account for dog walking expenses if you work all day and don’t have a family member who can take your dog out for a pee break throughout the day. A professional dog walker would often charge $15 for a 30-minute walk. So if you frequently use this service, plan to spend at least $300 every month.

·Pet Insurance

More pet owners are resorting to pet insurance, dog insurance or cat insurance to cover the associated medical expenses. Some forward-thinking businesses provide group coverage for pet owners because they understand that pets are also part of the family. Additionally, insurance companies will sell policies directly to consumers. In either case, be sure you understand any applicable spending restrictions, deductibles, and coverage exclusions by carefully reading the fine print.

·Pet Sitting/Boarding

You might need to either find a pet sitter or board your dog at a kennel if you enjoy traveling but are unable to bring him along. The average cost of boarding per dog each night is $40. A professional pet sitter normally costs $20 to $40 per day (or $40 to $80 per night) to visit you at home. Naturally, these prices vary based on where you reside, how many dogs you have, and the services you require.


If you simply enroll in a few group lessons, the cost of basic obedience training programs might be as little as $250 per year. Additionally, we have heard nothing but praise from folks who have used online dog training services, which are far less expensive than hiring in-home trainers. The cost of hiring a qualified trainer to visit your home and work with your dog, however, will be significantly greater. Learn more about basic command training and dog aggression.

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