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The 7 Best Beginner Drones for Flattening the Learning Curve

by Asim Khan

The 7 Best Beginner Drones for Flattening the Learning Curve
They balance holding your hand with letting you take the reins.
It doesn’t take more than a quick glance at your YouTube feed to see that drones are in vogue.
And, according to consumer reports on worldwide drone market revenue, that interest will
continue to rise through 2025. These useful little aircraft capture HD video and photos from
hundreds of feet high, with some affording you first-person views via a pair of VR goggles.
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Still, drones may feel inaccessible, not only for the learning curve but the (sometimes)
considerable expense. For a high-end drone, you could shell out hundreds of dollars to pilot an
expensive flying camera. If you’re in search of that new aerial pursuit or just want to shoot
high-up footage as part of a photography hobby, one of these best drones for beginners will suit
your needs.
Take a look below at quick info on the best beginner drones, then read on for things to consider
as you shop and in-depth reviews.

Research local regulations and the rules concerning flying a drone in your area. Unmanned
aircraft, regardless if flying for commercial or recreational purposes, need a drone piloting
certification from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). All drones over 0.55 pounds and up
to 55 pounds require registration with the FAA as well, just as you would register a car with the
Department of Motor Vehicles.

Safety Features
Take note of each aircraft’s safety features, which can make piloting them much easier.
Geo-fencing, for example, prevents a drone from leaving a set perimeter as well as flying
beyond the FAA limit of 400 feet. Some drones have return-to-pilot functionality that
automatically sets the aircraft flying back at the press of a button or in case of a low battery.
Additionally, useful features to keep an eye out for are obstacle-avoidance sensors, stabilization
during heavy winds, and propeller guards.
Keep in mind that a drone can be as pricey as $1,500, while lower-end models will often run a
few hundred dollars. If you’re a beginner trying your hand at recreationally flying a drone, you

won’t need the most expensive device on the market. Pricier drones often have better-quality
cameras and premium sensors and tech. Those will be better once you get the hand of piloting
if you want to upgrade. But for now, stick to a drone that costs a few hundred dollars, which
includes features such as propeller guards, a return-to-pilot button, folding parts for easy
storage, and the ability to capture at least 720p HD video.
Most of the options here are from one brand: DJI. It’s currently king among the sea of drone
producers, though a few alternatives, like Potensic and Fimi, compete in terms of value. With
drones’ popularity has come to a flood of cheap versions, but those are usually shoddy, unsafe,
and have short flight times.
How We Selected
The best beginner drones are affordable, user-friendly, and—most of all—safe. To find the best
models for beginners, we consulted several other expert reviews to see how each fared with
hands-on testing. We also consulted hundreds of user reviews and ratings on retailer websites.

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