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The 10 Best Baking Ingredients to Buy On Hand

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We all try to bake cakes and muffins from time to time, and when we run out of baking ingredients, we run to our regular distributors. Consumers often buy baking ingredients in large quantities, so stocking up makes shopping easier. There are also many pastry chefs, bakers and women who often bake.

1. Flour

If we look at the various consumers in the bakery industry, there are many ingredients needed for baking. The first ingredient that absolutely must be purchased in stock is flour. There are many types of flour used by consumers, including cake flour, bread flour, pastry flour, wheat-free flour and do-it-yourself flour.

2. Yeast

In addition to flour, consumers also need yeast, which allows the dough to rise for baking. There are different types of yeast, for example Gold Star yeast and NCP yeast, which usually come in packets. If you buy them in large quantities, they come in boxes of 10 or more.

3. Sugar

Stock up on sugar, often used in tea, coffee and baking. It comes in different sizes, from small packets to large ones.

4. Salt

Salt is only used in small quantities, but it is essential for baking, cooking and seasoning. It is sold in small packets or in bottles.

5. Butter

Butter and margarine are very important ingredients. Margarine can be spread on bread and stork oil is used in baking.

6. Eggs

Eggs are also essential for many baked goods and come in very large sizes for efficient baking.

7. Milk

Buying milk in large quantities is a convenient way to avoid having to buy it individually. Milk is available in low-fat, reduced-fat and full-fat versions. Consumers usually buy prepackaged milk in large quantities because it keeps longer if it is not opened. As it is an essential ingredient in baking, it is always good to have a fresh supply.

8. Baking powder

Baking powder improves everything you bake and is one of the most important ingredients in baking. It’s usually available in a variety of formats, from sachets to large shelf-stable packages. Royal & Robertson baking powder is the most widely used in the baking industry and should be in stock.

9. Food coloring

Food colors are sold in large and small bottles, with a wide range of colors. The Robertson line is very common and widely used. Many consumers use this product in small quantities at a time.

10. Dessert cream

Cream dessert is used to decorate cakes after baking. Nestlé’s cream dessert is popular and available in tubes and cans. Retailers should have this product in stock, but make sure it is kept in a commercial refrigerator to preserve its freshness.

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