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Tarsar Marsar Trek: Complete guide

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The day of Tarsar Marsar Trek prepare to walk along the most green of knolls, adorned with vibrant wildflowers, and then cross an entire flown stream along the extension of logs made of wood that will be welcoming one of the most hospitable people on earth as they see a stream merging with a fully flown glacier before being able to enter the city as well as to run along with a large number of sheep, and to wake up to a stunning views every morning and to take in the most stunning of lakes hidden in the midst of rugged mountains.

Location & Introduction

It is believed that Tarsar Lake is overwhelmed by the pinnacles of Kolahoi mountain which extends about 20 km towards the east. The lake is separated by a mountain that has the base of a pinnacle that rises 4000 meters (13,000 feet) from another similar pool that is known as Marsar Lake, which is located close to Dachigam National Park. Both lakes are often referred to as twins.

Difficulty Level

The risk of the Kashmir Tarsar-Marsar route is moderate, where the steep rise is expected to be ridden, then a plunge followed by a gradual rise to Sundarsar. The journey is comprised of two high-height lakes that are elevated, Tarsar and Marsar, set at an elevation of 13500 feet.

How can I get in touch?

The nearest air terminal can be found at that of the Srinagar air terminal. After your arrival at this air terminal you’ll need to get a car which will take you on an hour-long drive to Aru. The journey winds through one of the most sought-after Kashmiri holiday destinations of Pahalgam. Aru is the place of headquarters of the Tarsar Marsar route, which is located just another 12 kilometers ahead of Pahalgam.

If you’re traveling by way via train Jammu can be the nearest railway station that is situated a little over 250 km. It is also accessible for immediate support in Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore and Trivandrum. If you choose to travel via transport Jammu or Kashmir street transport is a good choice for transportation and the trip takes about 10 hours of travel time to reach Srinagar.

From where do we begin?

The route that is the Tarsar Marsar Trek will start with the stunning Aru Valley that will serve as the main point of departure for this trek. In Aru Valley, you’ll travel toward Lidderwat and then arrive at Shekiwas. From Shekiwas it is a short drive to Tarsar and Tarsar will be the final destination of your trip.

Things to take

  • Lip balm, sunscreen lotion, bodywash, facewash cream, moisturiser and various other cosmetics
  • If we are getting close to winter, it’s time to put on warm clothing.
  • An extra pair of clothes
  • Medicines in case in the event of an emergency
  • First Aid kit
  • Portable charger, earphones, and charger when traveling
  • With an waterproof camera case you will be able to capture stunning scene.
  • Torch with additional batteries
  • Additional cash and enough cash
  • Keep essential archives to store picture ID documents such as Adhar Card, container card and more.
  • Carry Vaccine certificates
  • Bring some snacks along
  • If you’re looking to read on the road you should bring a book along.
  • Travel shoes with a sturdy soles to allow for open travel

What are the reasons to go?

During the journey, you’ll have the chance to camp near the serene, pale blue high lakes. Additionally, all the route to Tarsar you will see different views of the same Lake. And then there’s Marsar that is hidden under the mists of a blanket. Take a look at its splendor from a shade that lies between 600-700 feet. However the lake should be observed until the mists have gone away. As a result, without doubt, Tarsar Marsar is the most beautiful Lakes located in India. The primary feature of this tour is to experience the beauty of nature in the snow-took the care of lakes that are elevated. This is the biggest and exciting part of the trip. The trail is covered in the snowy swath as well as a green valley. The lush, verdant backwoods turn white, creating an idyllic place! It’s a wonderful Tarsar Marsar journey isn’t just for experienced travelers , but for kids and beginners too schools, family gatherings, and other occasions. Also, take note of the changes in the colors of lakes when the sun shines on them. Be sure to not be awestruck by the stunning sunrise and nightfall views over Lake Sundersar. Lake in the Tarsar as well as Sundersar campsites. Additionally, take a look at the stunning clearings that are located after the thick coniferous forest and you will see very few Gujjar cottages along the route. Tarsar marsar trek is truly enjoyable and moderate excursion within the Kashmir valley . Tarsar marsar Trek is a dream for those with an inexplicably keen interest in climbing. Slopes, and think of it as a specific motive in their lives.

The best time to go

We have been on this journey for quite a while We have all had experiences associated with this trip. The best time to go on this journey is from the five June until the end of September. Unlike the lengthy stretches of June. The green and vibrant bugyal knolls snow can be seen in overflow in this region, which makes the trip truly memorable. In the day, the temp that you can expect to experience on the Tarsar marsar trek is around 15 to 05 degrees Celsius. at night, temperatures can drop to 03 degrees Celsius to the temperature of 05 degrees Celsius which isn’t bad at all.

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