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Take care of your horse during your vacation: how to do it

by John

Owning a horse is a huge responsibility, but one that allows everyone to live a unique experience. Here is a series of tips on the best way to take care of your horse.

For anyone considering buying – or renting a horse – it is good to be aware of a number of points. To get the best information, we turned to the experts. In business for many years, it offers its customers an extensive catalog of products that will suit both a professional and a simple enthusiast. Keeping your horse in perfect condition is essential if you want to be able to see it in perfect physical condition during exercise.

horse stall

Your horse’s housing has a major impact on its health and well-being. Your owner will decide a horse’s living conditions, so it’s good to make sure they’re the best possible.

Two of the most important things to ensure for your horse are that he has a good supply of fresh water and a basket of hay from which to feed. Horses are animals that graze alone when in the wild, and so going without either of these can lead to the horse not being happy. In addition, over time, he can contract various health problems due to malnutrition and dehydration.

A horse’s stall should be large enough for the horse to lie down comfortably and move smoothly. Stables can be equipped with different services, and it is good to check your horse’s needs.

Take care of the horse’s health during your stay

Like any animal, a horse must be controlled from a vaccination point of view, especially flu and tetanus. Above all, it is good to rely on a veterinarian with a good knowledge of this breed of animals. Another detail to check is the presence of worms inside the animal’s stomach. In some cases, because of its diet, it is possible that this parasite infiltrates the stomach of these animals.

Horse grooming

Knowing how to take good care of a horse also means preparing your horse to keep it in good condition. Preparing your horse will also help jockeys create a deeper bond. Some stables are able to offer all horse grooming equipment. Whereas, in most cases, horse owners prefer to have their own equipment.

Among the adapted equipment that you must have in your grooming kit, you will find:

Body brush: is a brush designed to be used during the hottest months of the year. This brush is used to remove dust and grease from the horse’s coat. During the winter, it is better not to use the brush. The horse needs all of its natural oils.

Soft Bristle Brush: Stronger than a body brush, this brush can be used as an alternative to the body brush.

Rubber combs: these should be used in a circular motion over the horse’s coat. These combs are the best choice for removing any excess hair that the horse normally releases.

Tail brush: it is a more delicate brush, which is used to clean the hairs of the tail and the mane.

Face brush: it is best not to use the same brush for the face and the rest of the body. Face brushes are smaller and softer than other brushes. Being softer, they do not bother the horse.

Even if you have all the parts of a basic grooming kit, it is good to seek advice from those who care for horses to best understand how to perform the grooming. It is good to remember that every 8 weeks maximum it is good to show your horse to a farrier. In this way, he can check the state of wear of the clogs and replace them if they are worn.

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