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Some Inspiration, a Bit of Creativity – All That You Need to Tie Your Trilby Look Together!

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In the old days, trilby hats for men were a must-have accessory. They were the epitome of sophistication and style. Men who donned a trilby majorly belonged to a higher class. They were also a sign of wealth and power. Back then, these hats used the finest materials and were quite expensive. Only the well-to-do could afford them. Today, these hats suffer from an identity crisis because of their resemblance to fedoras. But those who possess a real sense of fashion and can distinguish between the different styles never fail to identify one from the pile. The good thing is the modern versions have become pretty affordable, allowing you to incorporate them into your ensemble without any restriction easily. After all, it can be worth trying as they still hold a certain appeal.

Some believe adding a trilby hat can be specifically clever if you decide to add a touch of masculine style to your outfit. Choosing one that compliments your features and clothing is the key to pulling off the look. A well-fitting hat should sit just above your eyebrows and have a slight brim framing your face. For a casual appearance, pair it with jeans and a t-shirt, and a dressy style is effortless to create with a button-down shirt and slacks. But how should you wear your hair with this hat? Do you also have the same question to ask? Let’s figure it out then!

Hairstyles for men wearing a hat

One doesn’t have to doubt the ability of the hats to transform their look, whether they want to show some pizzazz or roam around with a full-on attitude and confidence while in their best casual mood. The hat can achieve all this successfully when matched with the right outfit. While that is critical, there is a way to wear your hat to help it complement your hairstyle. You may believe that your hat will hide all of your hair; after all, it’s short. When you flaunt a trilby style, you don’t have to cover your hair under it. Let some of the strands peek from the sides of the hat brim or on the forehead. It looks stylish, whether you comb back your hair or leave it slightly messy.

Do you have a little curly hair? If you are planning a yacht trip with your friend or special someone, wear your trilby so that some curls appear on the sides. You can try this look with a floral printed button-down shirt and shorts. You can add crocs to round off the whole style. Or, if you have medium-length hair, you can tilt your hat to one side, revealing a good chunk of plain mane on the other side. It can combine well with your suit. So, you can try it on a formal occasion. It looks fabulous when you push your hat back on the forehead to let the frontline of your hair appear. Pairing this look with jeans, a jacket, and a tee will be great. 

Get inspired by the Hollywood icons

For men’s trilby looks, take inspiration from classic Hollywood and other icons. Think about what made their style timeless and iconic, and use that as a starting point for your look. A good trilby willhave premium materials and should be a neutral color like black, grey, or brown. The brim should tilt a bit, and the hat should rest confidently atop your crown. Can you recall someone who was also famous for their trilby looks?

Do you remember Frank Sinatra?He was a style icon in his day, and his trilby hats were a big part of his look. If you’re looking for inspiration to wear a trilby, look no further than Ol’ Blue Eyes himself. Sinatra always looked suave and cool in his trilbies, and you can look too. Pair your trilby with a sharp suit and tie for a classic look, or dress it down with jeans and a t-shirt on a peaceful day. You’re sure to turn heads when you channel your inner Sinatra.

Or, if you like music and fun, you would have at least once seen The Motörhead guitaristPhil Campbell perform. Healso has a signature style, which includes a trilby hat. He often pairs his trilby with a leather jacket and skinny jeans, creating a guy next door but edgy look. If you want to mimic a rock star type of feel, take inspiration from Phil Campbell and rock your trilby-style headwear with attitude.

Like any other hat, a men’s trilby is all about style and personality. While the traditional fedora gives off a more formal vibe, the trilby is an excellent choice, even for your casual and relaxed side. No wonder this hat is popular with the likes of writers and artists for its creative and Bohemian aura. Of course, any man can wear a trilby – it just takes a bit of confidence and attitude.

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