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Singing is needed at church and at home

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Singing the scriptures has always been a beloved part of religious worship. In fact, many early Christians sang only musical writings, especially psalms. In the words of “As we sing we can be assured that our words come from God, as if He were singing them for His glory.”

Since the time of Calvin, many churches have continued to sing the scriptures, aided by various metric psalms. Although some modern churches have almost abandoned this work, often ignoring portions of updated hymns in new hymns, other churches continue to sing almost exclusively classical lyrics,

There are many reasons to support a return to written singing today.

 First, singing scriptures allows us to focus on the Bible, giving us a deeper understanding both of the words and the mood of a particular passage of scripture. Christians believe that worship should be focused on the Word of God as it is read and preached.

Another reason the scriptures sing is that they gently remind us that we should be faithful to the Word of God in our church music. When we often sing Bible verses, we become suspicious of simple and inaccurate lyrics, and we can better appreciate these poets by capturing the power of Bible images or themes in new hymns and songs. . not allowed. When discussing this, we should also be careful in choosing musical settings that perfectly reflect the context of a particular Bible text.

Another reason to sing the scriptures is a practice that any church or family can enjoy.

 Both ancient songs and modern African American evangelical hymns can be added to scripture songs, and the music can be performed in a large choral or intimate context as a solution or from Geneva using metric settings or modern hymns. The scriptures can be sung in any musical dialect.

Finally, singing scripture has a powerful meaning. This is a very meaningful way to relate us to the feelings and intentions of the authors of the writings. pagalworld mp3 scriptures is also a guaranteed way to memorize scriptures, allowing us to record the words of the scriptures in our hearts-and the younger we are, the better. You probably know an old saint whose young efforts to memorize psalms will allow them to sing the psalms after their reading skills have diminished.

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