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Say Good Bye to Squirrels with Pest Control Brampton

by M Asim

In reference to controlling pests in Brampton, the residents are always looking for an efficient pest removal. The range of climatic changes and the landscape in Brampton are friendly to pests. Residents can sleep better at night if they get rid of pests. Using the right methods can ensure that you keep your property free of all kinds of bugs. Choosing reliable pest control Brampton will help you to protect your home and businesses from unwanted invaders.

Squirrel Behavior and Communication

Squirrels, are cute and dexterous creatures who run across trees in a jolly manner while dashing through parks at an incredible speed. They have a wonderful behavior as well as communication system which doesn’t escape our attention often. The squirrels are highly social mammals and they use many means of communication in their interactions with the environment as well as with fellow members. Tail movements are one of the most popular ways that they can communicate. For instance, a rapid tail flicking by the squirrel is usually merely an indication of its irritation or warning to the other squirrels to pay attention. Secondly, the squirrels produce sounds to communicate among themselves like a loud short note when they are excited or fearful and also drizzling. Additionally, they also scent mark by rubbing their cheeks on the objects which is a form of conveying territorial boundaries as well as reproductive status. 

Signs of Squirrel Infestation

However, signs of squirrel infestation are evident and can be caught right away. One of the most obvious symptoms is chewed or gnawed wood, wires, etc. Squirrels have a good teeth power and they are able to gnaw through different objects as a means of acquiring food or building their nests. The other tipoff is the rustling and scrabbling noises coming from the attic, walls or ceilings. Squirrels are great climbers and can manage to sneak into your house through the small cracks. Watch for the feces, which are usually small and cylindrical. These droppings are mainly located near the entry points or along the areas reigned by the squirrels. Besides, you can search for nesting materials in the attic or outdoors such as twigs, leaves or even shredded insulation. If you are experiencing squirrel infestation, getting professional squirrel control Brampton is the best choice.

Nesting and Reproduction in Squirrels

Reproduction and nest-building in the squirrels is a very interesting aspect of their behavioral biology. Squirrels build very intricate homes, called drays. Nests are usually built in the treetop and give the squirrels a comforting place where they can raise their young. In building a drey, different materials would be collected that includes leaves and twigs are interwoven with moss. The squirrels have amazing agility as well as dexterity when they build and also repair their nests. Squirrels as a rule have two breeding periods annually, one in the spring and another in the autumn. It is during these seasons that the male squirrels perform elaborate courting rituals in an effort to get the attentions of females. After they mate, the female prepares for giving birth. She will locate a convenient site, usually inside her drey, to deliver the young ones.

DIY methods to control Squirrels

With regards to dealing with the squirrels in your yard or home, there are several homemade techniques that can assist you in limiting their activities. One viable option for pest control Brampton is applying natural repellents such as spicy materials like cayenne pepper or the hot sauce. Spicy scents are repellant to the squirrels due to their strong sense of smell. Another do-it-yourself method that involves creating barriers which can be done by covering areas where the squirrels might gain entry, such as gaps in your roof or vents with a metal mesh or chicken wire. This keeps them away from your house and garden. Moreover, burning the plants that squirrels hate such as daffodil, marigold or hyacinth can prevent them from entering into your garden.

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