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Real estate drone videos that will inspire you!

When a realtor engages a freelance drone operator to take aerial pictures and videos of a property, it’s a typical real estate drone videography work circumstance. 

These aerial videos can increase a property’s appeal to buyers, mainly if it’s a larger home or parcel of land.

Joining a drone altitude network, such as those run by Drone Base or Droners, is another typical route for drone operators to get real estate drone photography business.

Prospective buyers can use these maps to become acquainted with them before purchasing.

One of the most frequent scenarios for real estate drone video work is when a realtor hires a freelance drone operator to capture aerial videos of a property, especially if it’s a larger home or piece of land.

Prospective buyers might use these maps to get to know the property before deciding to buy it.

What drone videos are best to inspire you?

There are several solid consumer drone choices available for real estate videos.

Here are a few things to consider when looking for a camera drone to use for real estate work before going into our list of drones for real estate drone videos.

You’ll need a camera of sufficient quality for professional-level photography, preferably one made for professionals with a battery’s life.

The real estate drone videography to Inspire You The great real estate drone videos listed below may serve as an example for your upcoming production.

  • 1668 Tyler Drive Fullerton, California 

The drone altitude has benefited from the notion that customers purchase a lifestyle, not just a home. This listing drone video deviates from the traditional listing video approach of merely showcasing the home and is jam-packed with exciting music and fantastic drone footage. Instead, the video begins with a panorama of the entire neighborhood before focusing on the house. 

Hamptons Real Estate

Drone filming has been used to elegantly depict the majesty of this 1920s cedar shingle coastal home. The grand home is first seen from above in Bespoke Real Estate’s listing video, followed by outside shots of the stunning lawn and blue pool. 

Automatic windows, blinds, doors and glass walls give a luxurious home a sleek appearance. The real estate drone film stands out because of the expansive drone shots and eye-catching interior images.

‍Airborne Agents

A masterclass in drone maneuvers may be seen in this fantastic drone video of a gorgeous listing. The film opens with a forward reveal drone maneuver that starts at the house’s front door before panning and emphasizing the play area, swimming pool, and lush green grass. 

Then, a single sliding drone video clip provides a complete view of the home without obscuring any characteristics, which can be very persuasive to potential buyers. However, the swirling idea near the finish of the real estate drone movie is our favorite and will undoubtedly impress everyone.

‍Denver, 3221 W 1st Ave

This bold red listing, located in serene Denver, offers the city and the countryside advantages. This home is expertly shot with a drone to reveal it’s exterior and surroundings, including trees all around and a lake easily accessible on foot. This real estate drone film is stunning, thanks to drone altitude editing, calming music, and fluid transitions.

Golden, Colorado, 80403; 616 Tunnel

This farmhouse, located in the heart of a pine forest, seems like the ideal escape for anyone who enjoys the outdoors. This brief 1-minute drone footage captures the magnificent perspective and the lush surroundings of the home, leaving the spectator wanting more. A stunning real estate drone film is created by combining calming music with stunning imagery.

You must know the best real estate drone videography!

DJI Mavic Air 2

The DJI Mavic Air 2 bundle offers a simple flight, a long battery life, and a 4K video camera. Even in moderate gusts, the Mavic Air 2 can detect and avoid objects from the front and below while maintaining its position.

So that you won’t have to worry about maintaining the drone’s stability, you can concentrate on your cinematography. Additionally, this model includes DJI smart-flight modes like ActiveTrack, which instructs the drone to track and film a subject autonomously while avoiding obstacles.

DJI Mavic 3

A better 4/3 image sensor and a camera with the Hasselblad name are added to the DJI Mavic 3 at 212 times the cost of the Mavic Air 2. Compared to the competitors, this model produces 5.1K films and 20-megapixel photos with more vivid colors.

Autel Robotics EVO II 

We advise the Autel Robotics EVO II if you avoid DJI due to security or human rights concerns. The bright orange drone has autonomous settings comparable to those found in DJI drones and can fly for up to 40 minutes. Unlike the DJI Fly app, the Autel Explorer app may be downloaded straight from the Google Play store. However, we continue to favor DJI drones due to their affordability and image quality.

We hope that watching the real estate drone videography up there motivated you to make your own. 

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