Pros and cons of getting dark wood flooring in your house

The world of interior designing knows no ends and specially the flooring ideas are countless today. Whether you are someone who wants light coloured floors, the dark ones or the mixes ones. All these are easily available today. Keeping various factors in mind and additionally to increase the aesthetic and natural appeal of the house. The wooden flooring is preferred by a lot of people these days. There are different outcomes of using the light and the dark coloured floor in your houses.

If you are someone who prefers an open and airy feeling, then undoubtedly go for the light-coloured floor. It will make an impression of having a large floor area and therefore make your house look a large and airy one. On the other hand, if you are someone looking for a sophisticated and antique based classic floor finishing, try to opt for the dark wooden flooring. It will provide your house with a royal finish. In this article we will be discussing what are dark floors and what are the various pros and cons of getting a dark coloured floor installed into your house.

What are dark wood floors?

Ranging from espresso brown to ebony black, the dark wood floors increase the beauty and the sophistication of your house. These dark and classic coloured wood is made from various kinds of woods such as oak, mahogany, etc. You can get them easily from any online of offline retailer near your area. Available in various types of wood such as engineered oak herringbone flooring, solid oak, etc the choice is just endless. So, now that you already know what are the various kinds of dark wood flooring options, lets understand what are the pros and cons of getting these dark wood floorings installed in your houses.

What are the pros of getting the dark wood flooring installed inside your house?

Timeless aesthetics-

Dark themes carry the classic feel with them and whether it’s the solid oak flooring or the engineered one. All these flooring exude similar charm and elegance which is just unmatched. The dark tones surpass the trends of time and remain an all time favourite of individuals who prefer aesthetic n classic interiors.


The beauty of the dark toned wood lies in its inherent feature of versatility and adaptability. These dark wood floorings have the capacity of complementing any kind of décor be it more contemporary ones of the traditional ones. Anything that your pair with such flooring gets a classic touch and will never look odd one when put together these flooring.

Concealer to imperfections-

A wood has various kinds of imperfections and when you get these dark toned wood flooring installed, these imperfections get concealed. Due to the overpowered dark colour of the entire flooring, the dark imperfections are not easily spotted which makes your floor look perfect and flawless.
What are the cons of getting the dark wood flooring installed inside your houses?


Maintenance is an issue when it comes to the wood flooring. Be it the changing weather conditions or splitting water, etc these small issues are absolutely of no concern when you have other floors but in the case of wood floors, they become grave issues.

Limited Natural Light-

The natural light gets reflected from the floor when the ray of light hits the light- coloured floor. But, in case of dark wood floors, there is no such possibility and it gets absorbed which leads to dark and limited light conditions.

Scratches and Dents-

Dark coloured floors are known for hiding and concealing the dents on the floor. But in case of deep scratches, the marks cannot be concealed and they lead not so perfect looking floor appearance.

Summing Up
There are a number of flooring options available these days be it engineered flooring or the solid wood flooring but, they both have their features. It entirely depends in the house owner that what kind of flooring is the better one for their house. Then proceed towards the colour choice. The pros and cons of the dark wood flooring has been elaborately discussed in the above paragraphs. It will help you in understanding whether you should go for the light or the dark wood flooring.

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