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There are many distinct circumstances in which moving large machinery can be necessary. No matter what industry you are in, substantial equipment may need to be relocated or replaced someday. Hence, in such a situation moving heavy machinery in a secure and efficient manner can be difficult for untrained persons. Nevertheless, what will you do in a certain case? 

Relocating a plant is a significant matter and can be time- and energy-consuming. For such an activity, one needs heavy lifting equipment to perform the task safely and accurately.

Also, one should have a plan before executing the main work i.e. relocating or lifting machines. 

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4 Preplans to Have Less Stressful Factory Relocation 

1. Calculate The Total Equipment Value

This information is necessary for legal, insurance, and border-crossing purposes. Your accounting department can assist in putting the required documents together.

Additionally, if you wish to move across borders, pick a factory relocation professional who has a solid working relationship with a dependable customs broker. This is due to the fact that the procedure can be sped up with the aid of a competent customs broker, especially when working with machinery that was acquired at an auction or was purchased brand-new from an international manufacturer.

You’ll hear the phrase “countries of origin” a lot. That is crucial information that everyone should be aware of. It will be required in the documentation as well. An experienced broker can guide you through this procedure with ease.

2. Ascertain The UL Criteria And Listings For All Equipment

Consider the place to which you are relocating your factory. Make sure to find out what UL inspections and regulations are required by the neighborhood government. 

There have been numerous instances where companies have shipped equipment across borders that did not adhere to regional UL electrical requirements. This leads to unidentified problems as well as a decrease the production and causes a loss in revenue.

3. Examine Equipment’s Condition

Before you move anything with heavy lifting equipment, do check the condition of each piece carefully. Keep an eye out for any indications of severe rust, wear, or cracked casings.

Any equipment that is substantially damaged might be worth leaving behind and getting a new one instead. Even though it can appear pricey, it might end up costing you more if something malfunctions will be shipped.  Time can be saved by carrying it out during a plant transfer. You can request delivery of the new device to the new address. Additionally, you might already be missing a few days of work due to the relocation, so you can accomplish two goals at once.

4. Verify The Weight And Dimensions Of All Equipment And Components

Although it might seem simple, your factory relocation specialist requires exact figures, not guesses. 

The transportation method for your equipment is decided by this information. Different techniques—and perhaps a mix of techniques—must be used with various pieces of equipment.

Once you have selected which machinery will be transferred, make sure there is enough room at the new plant for everything you wish to install. This can be accomplished by measuring both the equipment itself and the factory’s square footage, where the machines will be placed.

When measuring each piece of equipment, do not only take the base measurement. You must also account for any components, wires, or vents that protrude from the machine’s outside. Measure the height as well to make sure you have adequate ceiling space for it not to scrape the equipment’s top. Usually, your moving agent can assist you with this. 

Wrapping Words 

It takes a lot of work to relocate machinery or the entire plant. If not managed carefully, it could result in major machine damage and a severe loss for your company.
It is wise to choose a skilled service provider with experience in transporting heavy machinery. Also, they should have complete knowledge about the plant and its functions. As it is a complex process; transferring a plant and installing the machines in a new place. Keep in mind – Always hire some electrical engineering services agency to verify connections at the new plant.

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