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Pearl Stone Benefits, Who, And How to Wear?

Pearl gemstone is so beautiful that it is highly popular to wear as a necklace. People love this white round gemstone. The Pearl is a Navratan that is found in the sea. This stone has a lot of significance in astrology as well. Hence, the pearl is always in demand. People all over the world wear this Gemstone in the form of jewelry like rings, pendants, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, etc.

Generally, the pearl stone is known as “Moti”.Many times people are advised to wear this gemstone to control their anger. Pearl helps in calming the person and helps in controlling anger issues.

In this article, we will discuss the many benefits of Pearl stone, who should wear it, and how to wear it through the proper Pooja Process.

Benefits of the Pearl Stone 

There are many benefits of the Pearl gemstone that you will get after wearing it:

  • Gives mental peace, enhances calmness in the wearer, and provides serenity.

  • Reflects and radiates positivity in and around the wearer.

  • The stone will bring you courage and give you strength to step towards your goals and aim.

  • Helps in stabilizing your moods, and gives you emotional balance. It includes healing emotional traumas, depression, and anxiety.

  • The pearl gemstone will bring you luck and good fortune.

  • A natural pearl stone will also improve your memory and intellect.

  • The stone also helps the wearer in their workplace, helping in getting success.

  • Increasing concentration is another pearl stone benefit.

  • The stone is also said to bring harmony and love in the life of the wearer.

  • Bringing peace and tranquility in married life is also an advantage of the pearl.

Who Should Wear Pearl Gemstone?

Pearl is a stone in association with the astrological planet Moon. People who have the negative effects of the moon in their Kundli or birth chart should wear this gemstone to remove these adverse effects.

Indeed, people born under the Cancer Zodiac sign (Kark Rashi) can wear this gemstone. It is suitable for their birth chart and will provide them with its positive energy.

Other than cancer, people with the sun signs Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Scorpio, and Pisces can also wear the Moti. But they should consult with an astrologer before wearing it. It is crucial to check if the stone is suitable for your Kundli or not. If it is not friendly, it may cause side effects.

How to Wear Pearl Stone? 

You should activate the pearl gemstone by performing the Vedic Pooja Process. The pooja will remove any negativity there might be in the stone because of its touching by other people before you buy it.

Before wearing it, ask an astrologer for the stone you should wear in what form and of what size or weight.

Now, read how to energize an original pearl stone:

  • The best day to wear the pearl gemstone is Monday of Shukla Paksha. And the best time is the morning hours.

  • You should wear the pearl stone in silver metal.

  • You can wear a natural Pearl Ratna in the form of a ring, bracelet, or pendant/necklace.

  • If you are wearing the stone as a ring, you should wear it in the little finger of your right hand.

  • To purify your pearl gemstone, use Ganga Jal or Panchamrit and dip the stone in it.

  • Get a proper bath and wear fresh clothes for the pooja.

  • Take your gemstone, sit in a worshipping position in your temple, and chant the mantra of pearl gemstone 108 times.

  • The mantra for energizing the pearl gemstone is “Om Chandraya Namah”.

  • Pray to lord Chandra Dev while you are praying.


The Pearl looks so beautiful, it is attractive and its beauty is glorious. The stone is found in many colors and every color looks gorgeous and classic. The hues the pearl is found in are white, cream, pink, black, yellow, purple, blue, etc. A lot of jewelry is made of these different colors of Pearl. And the astrological importance of this stone adds to its value and demand as well.

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