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Payment Scam: Can I Call the Police if I’ve Been Scammed?

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Scams are growing increasingly complex, and more individuals are becoming victims. This can be unpleasant, but don’t be embarrassed or humiliated – you have been the victim of a crime, and it’s critical that you report it and get the treatment you require.

Scam Reporting

This is an emergency if a crime is being committed or if you or someone else is in immediate danger. Dial 999 to contact the police. If you have been a victim of a scam, please report it. You may not always be able to recover your money, but you may be able to mitigate the harm and take actions to prevent it from happening again – to you or others. Scams are criminal offenses that must be reported to Action Fraud, the national fraud and cybercrime reporting center. You can also report phishing scams or computer viruses that you have received but have not used. Phishing occurs when criminals send phony messages via text, email, or social media in order to get personal information such as bank account information or passwords or to promise rewards in exchange for an upfront cost.

Frauds can also be reported to Trading Standards through the Citizens Advice consumer helpline (0808 223 1133). Trading Standards investigates situations where businesses have acted illegally or unjustly, such as putting you under pressure to buy something you didn’t want or failing to complete work on your property properly.

Obtaining assistance

It can be very upsetting to be the victim of a scam, but help is available. Victim Support is a non-profit organization that assists victims of crime or traumatic incidents. When you report a fraud to Action Fraud, they will ask whether they may forward your information to Victim Support, who will contact you to give free, emotional, and practical assistance. You can also get in touch with Victim Support directly (0808 168).

Keeping frauds at bay in the future

Check out our advice on detecting and avoiding scams for some basic ideas on keeping your money and personal information safe. Be careful that scammers may target people they know who have already lost money to scams. They may claim to be an organization that can assist you in recovering your money in exchange for a charge. Genuine law enforcement agencies would never charge you a fee to reclaim your money. Friends Against Scams educates people on how to protect themselves and others against scams. If you’ve been scammed and want to help, you can sign up as one of their Scam Marshals online.

Retrieving your money

If you’ve been scammed and just employ the procedures outlined above, you won’t always be able to get your money back; however, companies like Chargebacking seek to work entirely to get your money back. If you bought something with a credit card, you might have extra protection. If you suspect you’ve been duped into disclosing personal information or financial details, or if you observe questionable activity on your account, contact your bank right once.


You can contact companies such as Chargebacking, a fund recovery service that allows consumers to file a complaint against their scammer and get their money back. They have specialists who can help you recover your funds from any type of scam, including a forex scam, an investment scam, an online scam, or cryptocurrency fraud. When you say the word, a Chargebacking team of professional agents will be dispatched to investigate the matter, gather evidence and data, track your scammer’s digital trail, and build a strong case against them – all with one goal in mind. To retrieve all of your valued possessions or money that you have lost. From cyber investigation to digital tracking, they craft a method that returns a victim’s lost money 99.99 percent of the time.

Chargebacking has been in business for about seven years, and they have recovered approximately $100,000 for their valued clientele in recent years. They have over 800 clients in our portfolio, and not a single one has lost a fraud action. When it comes to addressing a scammer, their organization believes in a firm, no-nonsense approach to ensure that our clients’ money is returned in the most expedient and effective manner feasible. They will help you recover your possessions regardless of how hard the issue is. Every Chargebacking agent has 3+ years of experience in their respective area, making them great at what they do – not only because they are passionate about their business, but also about their clients!

Anyone you contact inside our organization, from customer service to lawyers and forensic accountants, is unquestionably qualified to assist you. Their staff will be your continuous ally – no matter what it takes – from the initial investigation of the case to the gathering of evidence and all the way to confronting the fraudster and retrieving your money.

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