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Overcoming Obstacles with Asif Ali Gohar

by Uneeb Khan

When asked about how he continues to overcome any obstacles that are in his way, Asif Ali Gohar has the same response for everyone. The main way to overcome obstacles is to continue to move forward and set your goals as realistic and achievable but still a stretch. Face each thing as it comes and find a way to stay on your own plan.

 By planning ahead one can see their next step before it comes and plot their way through to success. There will always be unknowns, and unexpected setbacks, but these can not be the reason for quitting. Part of creating a successful plan is doing the research in advance and seeing what things are most likely to be the biggest obstacles, and planning solutions for them before they occur. By doing this when something happens there is a plan in place already that will guide you around them. Expected obstacles are the easiest to deal with as they will be solved by the plan that is in place and are just part of the path to success.

Unexpected obstacles, those that cannot be anticipated, and are not able to be planned for, are the hardest to overcome. These require fast thinking and adaptations that are almost instant. It may be that these require you to follow your instincts rather than a set path. When faced with shortages it is imperative to find new suppliers, when faced with shut downs and breakdowns it is key to have repair personnel available, to have savings to cover surprise expenses, and to have a plan on how to deal with bad press. When these plans fail or acts of nature cause delays, they are not as easily seen in advance and will require responses that happen in real time.

For these unexpected obstacles, Asif Ali Gohar has said that you must be flexible and able to adapt in the moment. To move your plans around, to leave the path you had set out in order to find a new one. Instinct plays an important part in this, you may know the solution and simply have to trust that first though. When the plans are not settled it takes trust in your advisors, business managers, and yourself to make the right move and do it quickly.

Obstacles that occur in everyday life are no different. They are overcome the same ways that those who affect business are. Have a plan, follow it as bet you can, but adapt when required. This may mean cutting costs, it might mean changing distribution or supply channels, it might mean looking for a new job if personal life changes or moving to a new city. Face these occurrences head on, and keep moving towards your goals. Find ways to keep moving forward, even if you are slowed or halted. It can be necessary to take a pause, have some downtime to sit with your decisions and determine which will lead to the right resolution. Avoid become trapped in the thought process of looking for a solution and allow the solution to come to you.

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