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Outbound Call Center Can Turn Your Leads into Deals

by John

A phone call can be a powerful tool in your sales process. However, calls can also turn into a headache if they go poorly. Inbound calls that don’t convert to deals could lead to more outbound calls and may eventually result in lost valuable leads to your business. Outbound Call Center can help keep call flow and the quality of the calls high without much extra effort.

We at Voice Rules offer a managed outbound telemarketing service, including setup and ongoing management for your calls. In addition, we can provide pre-recorded messages and call-back sequences that will allow you to manage the number of calls your agents are making, the time spent on each call, and the conversion rates.

6 Reasons Why Outbound Call Center is a Great Fit For Small Business

1. No additional staff is needed

It takes just one or two full-time employees to provide the outsourced Outbound Call Center

service, with most companies only needing a small fraction of that.

2. Flexible hours for your agents

Work when it’s convenient for you, rather than trying to squeeze in calls during their busiest hours. You can easily and flexibly schedule agents without worrying about working with them during non-business hours or around their commitments. Outbound Call Center can provide you with a full schedule of available agents and can even do things like flex time so that your agents can be at home when they want to be.

3. No need to manage a large staff

You can manage a small outbound call center team. Outbound Call Center handles your calls’ setup and ongoing management, so you don’t have to take on the headache of managing an outsourced call center operation yourself.

4. Better customer service, better deals

Outbound Call Center increases your agents’ knowledge of your customer’s needs so that calls go well and leads turn into deals. A higher quality of calls leads to more high-quality sales and better deal outcomes for your customers.

5. A partner who can provide all your outbound call services

Outbound Call Center is more than just a phone center. It’s fully integrated with our other services. For example, our sales automation software and email marketing service already work with your calls, so you can easily turn phone calls into qualified leads and more deals.

What is All Included in Contact Center Services?

1. Schedule and Manage Calls

We handle scheduling your calls, dialing calls, and following up on outbound calls. We make sure your customers are getting a professional call experience, no matter what time of day they call you. We’ll also track the hours spent on each call and help you set goals for the number of calls each agent needs to make daily.

2. Track Calls in Real Time with Call Analytics

You can access real-time reports on all your outbound calls. Contact Center Services gives you all the details to help you decide how to get the most out of your calls.

3. Change Your Call Center Staff Daily with Flex Scheduling

Contact Center Services has a full schedule of available agents so that you can move callers between call center teams daily or weekly. You may find that you need to change the team regularly, or in other cases, you may be able to run the same team for several days a week. We’ll help you take advantage of these scheduling options to keep your calls flowing smoothly.

4. Manage Your Outbound Call Center Operation from a Single Place

You can manage all aspects of your outbound call center operation from a single place using our easy-to-use web-based interface. Our interface will give you access to all the information you need so that you can make the best decisions about managing your outbound call center for the best results.


Voice Rules offers Contact Center Services, a managed service for outbound calls. This service lets you offload the headache of managing an outsourced call center from your business. We can provide a flexible, affordable, and full-featured solution for all your outbound call needs. In addition, our managed outsourced call center will allow you to spend more time on your core business.

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