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Nexcess Web Hosting with Free Trial In 2022?

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Nexcess is essentially Liquid Web’s younger sibling; it focuses on providing managed hosting services for WordPress, Magento, and WooCommerce websites. It possesses certain features that are really fascinating, a server infrastructure that is fairly decent, and strong support.

There is a lot to enjoy, and the fact that it makes operating an internet business based on WordPress more convenient is a plus. However, it is still shared hosting, and the cost is very high for the service. Would I suggest it to someone? You’re going to have to keep reading to find out, aren’t you?

Nexcess is a fascinating beast to observe. It was once its own firm, but today it operates more like a subsidiary of its parent company, Liquid Web, and it provides things that its parent company does not.

Servers, both virtual and physical, are something that Liquid Web offers. Traditional shared hosting is the primary service that Nexcess provides, and the company places a strong emphasis on maintaining a straightforward and efficient infrastructure.

Nexcess’ core product is managed to host for content management systems such as WordPress, Magento, and WooCommerce. The company also offers other services such as flexible cloud hosting and enterprise hosting. In addition to that, there is support for the Craft CMS, Drupal, and good ol’ ExpressionEngine.

To summarize, it boils down to publishing and running an internet store, with pricing that are generally acceptable. Because this hosting is not exactly inexpensive, their prices are reasonable provided that your website is generating revenue. Should you spend your hard-earned money on premium WordPress hosting? that is the question.

Nexcess Free Trial

Free WordPress and WooCommerce Hosting Nexcess Trial for the First 14 Days with No Credit Card Required.

Get started on the construction of your website that will load in an extremely short amount of time with instant auto-scaling, visible comparisons, and built-in automated plugin and platform updates.

Try out Nexcess Managed WordPress Hosting risk-free for a full two weeks with no obligation to provide a credit card. No risk.

Nexcess Review

Nexcess relies on its server architecture and offers a WordPress experience that is mostly unaltered from its original form rather than providing a myriad of advanced WordPress-centric features (like to InMotion Hosting’s BoldGrid site builder plugin), for example. This is not necessarily a negative aspect, but rather a consideration that needs to be taken into account as you deliberate over your options.

In general, I am satisfied with the capabilities that Nexcess possesses.

I decided to go with the most affordable option, which is called Spark. The Spark plan from Nexcess provides support for one website or domain, 15 GB of storage, and 2 TB of bandwidth. All of this is quite affordable considering the pricing, and there are more than sufficient tools here to get the majority of websites up and operating.

This aspect of the service is treated with the utmost importance by Nexcess. You do, nevertheless, obtain the automatic core and plugin upgrades to WordPress that are customary for managed services, which is a wonderful perk. On the other hand, you are provided with a significant quantity of specialized support whenever it is required of you.

Every WordPress subscription comes with a unique and extremely helpful plugin performance monitor. This monitor tracks any changes in site performance that occur after new plugins are added to a website or after any updates are made to the website’s theme. After that, you’ll be able to evaluate the effects of all of your modifications using the Nexcess Performance Monitor, which is integrated into the dashboard of WordPress.

Additionally, the support team is comprised of a large number of individuals who are referred to in the marketing as “WordPress Experts.” Feel free to ask them anything you want to know about your WordPress website. If they are unable to answer your question or resolve the issue, it is their responsibility to investigate the matter and get the necessary information.

Free Daily Backups

There are many hosts that do not provide backups at all unless the customer pays for them. Some people perform backups once a week, while others do them once a month. None of these ideas will work if you frequently upload fresh information to your website, as this will make all of them obsolete.

Nexcess performs backups on a daily basis, and each backup is stored for a full month. This is a massive deal. This ensures that you won’t miss more than 24 hours’ worth of content or updates at any given time. That may be irritating, but it’s nothing that can’t be remedied with a couple cups of coffee and some endlessly upbeat pop music playing in the background as you get your work done.

It is impossible for me to adequately convey how incredible it is to have daily backups included. This is one of the most compelling arguments in favor of going with Nexcess. Always save a copy of your data, no matter what, and you will arrive in nerdvana, my students.

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