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Best Ways to Maintain Hygiene in Public Bathroom

by Uneeb Khan

Threats to our health and well-being are everywhere. From obvious to hidden places, germs, bacteria, and viruses pray and test our immune system at every chance they get. What we can do for our health is to minimize and reduce encounters and take safety precautions. Our bodies need all the help they can get, and every action we take towards that noble goal, big or small, contributes to the achievement of perfect health. Public bathrooms don’t have to be a sore or dreaded spot if you stick to some tried and tested methods.

1. Trust your sense

Our bodies send signals to us all the time. Obvious symptoms like hunger, thirst and sleep to less subtle ones. When you enter a public bathroom, the first impression is all you will need to determine if it’s healthy and safe for you or not. If you notice foul smells right away trust your nose and try to find another one. From toilets that are not maintained to air conditioners that need their filters changed or repaired, there are all sorts of clues your body is trying to tell you. Trust your gut, and it will respond accordingly.

2. Hands-free

Bacteria can linger on surfaces for a very long time. Even if you do everything right to protect yourself, other people may not be so kind and considerate, and you can end up damaging your health because of factors beyond your control. If the doorknobs are not motion control or contactless, use your elbows to open them. Or you can use a sanitary napkin as a glove to protect your hand. Hand washers and driers can also be contactless and automatic, but if they are not, the same principle applies. Think of every surface you wish to touch as scolding hot, and your will keep your hands to yourself.

3. Proper flushing

Toilets are germ and bacteria dispensers and hotspots. If there is one place that’s crucial to the overall impression and experience of a public bathroom, then it’s the toilet. Always use napkins or tissues to cover the edges before sitting. Once you are done, first close the lid, then flush the toilet. Flushing while a toilet is open, releases micro splashes of water, which carry all that nasty stuff from the toilet’s bowls. Once you are done, toss everything into a quality sanitary bin and make sure not to leave a mess. Be quick, don’t browse your phone, and apply minimal contact, as much as possible.

4. Use hygiene products

Think of all ointments, sprays, napkins, and other means as a boost to your immune defense. Once you are in a public bathroom, anything goes, and you can never be too careful. All of them contribute to good skin care, and they will protect your skin from harmful influences. Public bathroom and their equipment are meant for the general public. It’s not tailored made to your skin needs, and the conditions may not be optimal. To even the playing field by using any product you deem necessary, your skin will appreciate the help it gets.

5. Stay dry

Chances are that you’ve entered the public bathroom dry or dryish, and you need to leave that way. If any piece of food drops to the ground, say goodbye to it, ignore the five-second rule and toss it in the bin. Items that get wet from the soggy floor or via anything should be discarded unless you really need them and can sanitize them properly. Watch out for wet floors, and water puddles while we are on the subject. Slipping and falling amidst all those bacteria is a health hazard, not to mention that water puddles are a haven and a breeding ground for diseases. Enter and leave in the same condition you were, and you should be OK.

Staying fit and healthy is all about the little victories during the day. One by one paves the road to your success. Staying safe and following simple steps for your hygiene protection comes naturally once you get the hang of it. When nature calls and you have no other options, a public bathroom can be a lifesaver. If you are still not feeling safe or comfortable using one, you can always enter any coffee shop, order a coffee and use theirs. Remember that you can apply the above skills to any public bathroom area, and you are good to go!

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