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9 Tips to Make Macaron Favour Boxes That Are Extraordinary

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You can make Macaron favor boxes in no time and you can decorate them in many ways. Favour Boxes can help you take your brand to new heights.

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But, we’ll get to that later. Let’s first discuss how macaron boxes can be the perfect companion for your delicious treats.

Custom Favor Boxes is about working with your target audience. You will design boxes for children’s products that are different from those for food items.

Macaron favor boxes can be customized depending on the occasion. The favour boxes designed for wedding events will be different from those made for birthday parties.

These are the elements that should be included in your macaron gift box:

  1. Big Picture
  2. Branding Strategy
  3. Flavor Profile (Macarons are often flavoured).
  4. Graphic Design (Optional).
  5. The right trim colour
  6. A box dimension that makes sense
  7. Coats for finishing
  8. A well-placed message
  9. A Conversation Starter

Examine each of these elements in further detail.These elements can be addressed with a “pro tip” that I will also share.

Let’s begin.

Tip 1: Big Picture

Macarons are often colourful and delicate. There are many flavors, but macarons stand out due to their intricately designed designs. Your macaron boxes can be decorated with flowers, patterns or abstract art. Only your imagination will limit the possibilities for design.

Pro Tip: Don’t go crazy with your design. Your first impression is your best chance to make a lasting impression. Make sure that it is striking but simple enough to be understood by the customer immediately.

Tip 2: Branding Strategy

Because they have been made with love, your macarons will taste great. Branding is important, however. You must choose a logo and font that compliment each other to create a strong presence.

Pro Tip: Make sure to identify your brand elements, such as the color scheme and font type, so that they can be used in conjunction to enhance the overall image.

Tip 3: Flavor Profile

Macarons can be flavoured. This is important because your box design should not only match the theme of your event, but also allow for specific flavours. Some flavours can be strong enough to require their own boxes. You may need packaging that can hold multiple flavours of macarons. If so, plan your box carefully to accommodate them all without compromising the overall design.

Pro Tip: Multi-flavors can take up more space so plan accordingly.

Tip 4: Graphic Design

Let’s say graphic design is something that you are good at. This step is much easier if you can combine everything into one design. This step can be difficult if your design skills are not perfect. Graphic designers are often willing to work with customers for affordable rates on a per project basis.

Pro tip: Ask for help with designing macaron boxes graphically. You have many design resources and freelancers that you can use. Don’t let graphic design’s challenges stop you from starting. We also offer in-house design services (wink-wink).

Tip 5 – The right trim colour

Your branding strategy and flavor profile should be reflected in the colour scheme of your Macaron boxes. Your message will determine the right colour scheme.

Pro tip: It is important to be creative when choosing trim colours. This can make a lasting impression on your customers that will last for many years. It should complement your other design elements such as graphics and fonts.

Tip 6: A box dimension that makes sense

We recommend choosing a size large enough to hold at least 15 macarons when designing macaron favour boxes. You should remember that macarons are small so don’t choose a size too big.

Keep your macaron box design as simple as possible.This means that your dimensions should be proportional with the overall design.

Tip 7: Finishing Coats

To enhance your design, we recommend using either a glossy or matte finish. To create a unique look, you can combine both finishes. You can also use soft-touch or varnish as a finishing coat.

Pro Tip: Consider how your macaron box design will look with a different finish to gloss or matte. Then choose an option that compliments your overall design.

Tip 8: A Well-Placed message

Designing with a well-placed message is crucial. Your message on the box lid or base should not be too large or overwhelming. Your message should be concise and not exceed the original goals of your macaron box designs.

Pro Tip: Keep the message short and to-the-point to avoid interfering with your overall design.

Tip 9: A Conversation Starter

It is important to encourage customers to have a conversation with you. If they don’t create buzz, what’s the point in macaron favor boxes? Consider how your final design will help your customers, and if it will achieve the end goal that you set out for this project.

Pro Tip: The message or theme you wish to communicate with your macaron favor boxes is all that matters. Make sure the design is simple so people can easily identify it and understand it.


This blog has 9 steps that you can follow to design your macaron favor boxes. These tips will help to overcome the many challenges and create a unique final design that impresses all who see it.

Imagine that you would like to make custom macaron favor boxes. These can be used for unique holiday gift packaging or wedding favour boxes. Fast Custom Boxes can help you with the best packaging options.

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