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Know All About Mac 1 Strain – Must Read

by John

Are you a curious soul who randomly came across the mac 1 strain or one of your friends or relative is in the habit of consuming it? Whatever the reason might be, you came to the right place. Mac 1 strain is a type of cannabis strain which has a highly impactful physical and intellectual effect. They rid you of stress and leave you euphoric and highly energized & focused. 

In this article, we will tell you all about the mac 1 strain, its origin, physical attributes, and benefits. We will also discuss the effects of consuming mac 1 strain and the side effects it has on the body. 

Origin Of Mac 1 Strain

Hybrid– 50% Indica/50% Sativa

Mac 1 strain, also commonly known as ‘Miracle Alien Cookies X1’. It is an equally balanced hybrid of 50% Indica and 50% Sativa cannabis species which was created as a backcross of the legendary MAC strain. This rare strain was developed by Capulator, from a clone cut bred by Dark Heart Nursery in San Leandro, California. 

Mac 1 strain is a highly popular strain due to its rarity, high THC content and extreme resin production. Due to its even percentage of best quality Indica and Sativa contents, it becomes the finest balanced strain available in the market whose effects are nearly impossible to ignore. 

Consumers get the feeling of extreme feeling of excitement and inventiveness which is associated with Sativa while the soothing properties are linked with Indica. Some argue that the mac 1 strain is Indica-dominant however both components can be felt. The effects might vary from person to person depending on their level of consumption or capacity for adaptation.

Physical Attributes Of Mac 1 Strain

The mac 1 strain is covered with trichrome, football-shaped buds that are incredibly brilliant to see, both the growers and consumers are mesmerized by its stunning outer look continuously. This hybrid strain has a rich, fluffy and dark olive hue with slender orange hairs and purple overtones.

In terms of olfactory senses, the mac 1 strain is heavily pungent. The terpene blend gives this strain a distinct texture, with a sour, pungent smell. It has a smooth orange taste perfectly balanced by floral overtones that evolve to an earthy, bittersweet finish. Some consumers reported a sweet yet sour flavour that blends gas & rubber with citrus peel. It is similar to the iconic Sour Diesel flavour but with a twist of pungent herbal aftertaste.

The aroma and flavour aren’t quite as disgusting as they could be but they are highly intense. Those who have smoked diesel strains previously will understand what this involves.

Mac 1 strain pairings

The hybrid strain can be easily paired with almost everything and enjoyed. The following are some famous and best pairings of the mac 1 strain.

  • Pair it with music
  • Pair it with foods like hamburgers (mac and cheese), classic maroons and legendary coconut shrimp fried rice
  • Pair it with spirits like red ale and mezcal
  • Pair it with snacks and cookies

Benefits Of Mac 1 Strain

There are a number of benefits of consuming the mac 1 strain, apart from its exquisite appearance and otherworldly taste and aromas. The rare strain with evenly balanced Indica and Sativa contents makes it a rare and high-demand cannabis variant. However, it’s the effects it leaves on the consumers which make it a highly popular and in-demand hybrid. The following are the benefits of mac 1 strain:

  • Helps relieve chronic pain
  • Makes you feel focused
  • Feels energized after consuming
  • Gives a friendly feeling
  • Get rid of anxiety and stress
  • Offers you a feeling of joy and confidence
  • Gives a feeling of calmness
  • Provide peace of mind 

Effects of Mac 1 Strain 

The consumers report that there is almost no buzz or high feeling when you consume  Mac 1 in large doses on an empty stomach. However, many smokers and stoners have noted an intensely high feeling when consuming it in small amounts or full stomach.

Side Effects Of Mac 1 Strain

Some people claim that the mac 1 strain has no adverse effects, but similar to anything, it also shows a few side effects on the consumer’s body. 

  • Lead to dizziness
  • Gives a feeling of paranoia
  • Makes the mouth dry
  • Leaves the eyes dry 


The mac 1 strain has multiple benefits which we have discussed in the above section, it will take away the stress of your day and will replace it with an energized and rejuvenated feeling. You will feel joyous and a sudden burst of confidence after consuming it. However, these benefits come at a cost. Mac 1 strain is a highly addictive strain which can slowly hamper your basic daily activities. Take precautions and know your limits while consuming it.

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