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Lightsabers and Their Types: A Walkthrough

Lightsabers are superb merchandise to own. They make you an instant star amongst your friends and family as you duel through the crowd. But how much of the legacy are you aware of? What types of lightsabers exist? Which one is the best type to have a duel with? The values behind the colors and the development of each model – can you trace back all stories to the original canon? 

Finding your way through so much information can be tricky. So keep reading to know more about the different lightsabers, such as the Star Wars Mandalorian darksaber lightsaber, the Ezra Green Lightsaber, The Ahsoka Tan lightsaber, and much more.

 Types of Lightsabers:

  • The Phantom Menace

Lightsabers are often forged by hand as part of a Jedi or Sith training program. For example, the double-bladed lightsaber first appeared in The Phantom Menace (initially featured in the Jedi Tales comic book series). They were created by fusing two regular swords; the blades are independent of each other and can be used without activating the other or splitting into dual lightsabers.

  • Lightsaber Piker

In The Force Unleashed video game, the lightsaber introduced two more variations: the Biker (a lightsaber with a smaller blade but a more oversized spear-like handle) and the Tonfa-style lightsaber. Rectangular handle. Count Dooku uses a conventional lightsaber with a curved handle.

  • Hybrid lightsaber

The Star Wars Expanded Universe includes several lightsabers, including short and two-phase weapons (which can double in width or length). For example, in Star Wars Rebels, Ezra Bridger’s lightsaber is a hybrid sword with a fully functional blast pistol attached to the handle.

  • Double Bladed Lightsaber

Later in The Force Awakens, Kylo Ren wields his lightsaber with two crossed blades, giving it the unique and elegant look of a sword. The sword had a fire and a string—researchers of the Galician Empire as a particular type of two-layer saber. At the top of the blade ring, the blade is ultimately 360 degrees. Give the edge to the edge in short aircraft.

  • Lightwhip

 Known species, such as Lightwip, are long, flexible blades used in a whip. Next comes the “Light Club,” an enlarged but traditional lightsaber, and last on the list is the “shot,” a dramatic miniature variant often paired with a standard-sized saber, which has made several appearances.

  • Neopixel Lightsabers

They are sometimes called Plectr Pixel Sabers or Pixel Sabres. These are the most advanced and realistic lightsabers on the market today. Neopixel lightsabers are always vibrant in color and offer RGB colors that change with widely adjustable effects.

  • Profile Neopixel

Profile NeoPixel belongs to the NeoPixel Lightsaber category. They are available with horses in various colors and configurations that emphasize many advantages. For example, this enables a melting effect when the tip lights up and localized flash on impact. In addition, they are flexible and programmable. The program that powers it is open source and famous for allowing users to change sound effects, including blade effects, which open up endless possibilities. One example would be the Star Wars Mandalorian Darksaber Lightsaber Electronic variant from artsabers.com.

  • Eco Sabers

Eco Sabers are available with medium charge and deep sleep. Hold the activation key for about 6 seconds to get out of hibernation mode until you hear a beep. After coming out of deep sleep, the power LED blinks. Finally, you have to press the activation key to activate the blade. It is a subset of Neopixel with advanced and realistic features Read more

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