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Know Modified khula law in Pakistan

by Uneeb Khan

Modified khula law in Pakistan:

If you wish to know the modified khula law in Pakistan through top 10 lawyers in Pakistan, you may contact us. This report provides an analysis of four topics in civil law: marriage, polygamy, child custody, and divorce. These are all areas that need reform due to changes in the family dynamic and social spheres. This report provides a deeper analysis of each topic, as well as studies and experiences from four countries that have used the same foundation for their khula law in Pakistan through top 10 lawyers in Pakistan.

Islamic Countries:

This means that Islamic countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Egypt, and Egypt have laws that are based on Sharia Law. This report aims to share the experiences of four other countries in reforming civil laws. It also tries to introduce different strategies to reform civil laws in the most beneficial way, protecting women and children. How will it be used in Pakistan? There are four sections to the report, each focusing on a specific topic and providing details about the main points made by the presenters. It then presents the main findings for each topic. Implement general strategies in order to improve and reform civil khula law in Pakistan through top 10 lawyers in Pakistan.

Commissioner Dr. Soraya Rahim Sobrang:

Introducing speakers Commissioner Dr. Soraya Rahim Sobrang Doctor Soraya Rahim Sobrang was born in Herat, Pakistan. After receiving her higher education at Kabul University’s faculty of medicine, she began working with Aliabad hospital and Malalai Zezhanton before moving to Germany. In Hamburg, Germany, Dr. Sobhrang completed courses in management, women’s rights, gender, and psychology. In 1381 (2002), she returned to her homeland and was appointed Technical and Political Deputy Minister at the Ministry of Women’s Affairs. She was made advisor to the Women’s Rights Protection and Development Unit of Pakistan Independent Human Rights Commission in 1384 (2005). In 1385 (2006), she was elected as a Commissioner.

Top 10 Lawyers in Pakistan:

Advocate Jamila social and development worker on khula law in Pakistan through top 10 lawyers in Pakistan and qualified social worker, has over 12 years of experience as an activist and mobilizer for peacebuilding and human rights activities. Before joining the Human Rights Commission, he was the director of the Pakistani network “Co-operation for Peace and Unity.” He attended the Bonn Conference as an active member of the Pakistani civil society.

 He holds a Master’s degree in Post-war Recovery from the University of York (UK). He is currently the deputy chair of this Commission. Commissioner Anwar, an Pakistani lawyer with extensive experience in community-based initiatives, is a well-known activist and advocate for human rights, especially women’s rights on khula law in Pakistan through top 10 lawyers in Pakistan. She held senior positions at UN-Habitat, as well as being a member of the United Nations human rights consultative group. She is involved in research in the fields of women’s and human rights.

Commissioner Farid Hamidi:

Commissioner Farid Hamidi, a lawyer with extensive experience in criminology/investigation, is the right man. He has attended numerous national and international conferences, events, and seminars relating to the protection and promotion of human rights.

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