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Kitchen remodeling plans for today’s real estate market – building inside a box Today

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Are you looking for ways to improve the look and functionality of your kitchen, but want to make sure you get a good return? The truth is that the countless kitchen and bathroom upgrades of a few years ago, when credit was easy and home prices were at their peak, are a thing of the past. Now – money is tight, you’ll probably be living in your home for a longer period of time (due to falling market prices), and it’s important to be aware of costs and value. Here are 5 ideas to guide you through an efficient and functional kitchen remodeling project with today’s economy in mind:

Redoing the drawer – Yes, it’s great

to blow out the back wall and create the big kitchen of your dreams. Now – you have to control the impulse to brag. Consider improving the look and function of your kitchen by working “in the box” (doesn’t add or expand rooms, work within the existing space). If you need more space, see if you can “borrow” some of the adjacent space that isn’t being used well.

Put the most important things first (cabinets and countertops) – One of the keys to improving the look, function and resale value of a kitchen starts with the cabinets and countertops. Do you have an old, tired and outdated laminate counter? Consider the following upgrade options to jump counters.

Stone marble or granite offer unique pieces

Engineered Stone – Zodiac and Siltstone are natural quartz materials made from resin that are hard, durable, scratch resistant and heat resistant.

Solid surface – Coria and Wilson Art are made from acrylic and other plastics and are easily shaped and routed to fit backsplashes and sinks.

Metal – Usually various metals are wrapped around a waterproof fiberboard core to create a modern (stainless steel) or antique (zinc and copper) looking patina (looks old) over time.

Concrete is strong and can be drawn into customized shapes.

Wood – this material adds warmth to the kitchen. There are different types of wood and hardness indicators to choose from.

Recycled surfaces – If you’re looking

for a sustainable design, check out products like Ice stone (a terrazzo-like material made from concrete and recycled glass shards) or Pepper stone (made from recycled paper mixed with resin).

Idea 3 – Choose your model, look and feel – What style do you want to create? Do you want a stylish, modern kitchen with European cabinets and clean lines? Are you looking for a country kitchen, a theme or better design? Research and choose a design theme. Make sure it works well in adjacent rooms.

Don’t Go Overboard, Design Fun Elements – The average kitchen remodeling project costs $25,000-$30,000, so you’re spending a few dollars and you need to design some elements that you can be happy with. . – but today’s economy wants you to think about these decisions. Make purchase decisions with the value of your surroundings in mind. Don’t be fooled by business equipment that appreciates quickly but has limited resale value recovery. Choose a fun little design element – ​​perhaps a backlit glass brick bar or glass tile behind the back cover, or a cool lamp in one of the main focal points of your design.

Make it work for everyone now


 and in the future – Try to create a universal design that works both in the short and long term, where you can use cabinets, cooker hoods, appliances, etc. for everyone (young, old or…disabled). Look for cabinets with simple handles or no handles. For example, use pull-out shelves and drawers. Buy an air purifier remote control to help everyone.

Now that you’re armed with these five kitchen remodeling ideas, you’re ready to start designing and improving the look and feel of your tile backsplash behind range hood with the realities of today’s market in mind.

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