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Is It Time For Mechanical Ventilation In Our Custom Sauna Cool-Down Rooms?

by Asim Khan

How many hours have you enjoyed yourself while relaxing in your cool-down area between custom sauna sessions?

If we put a pencil to it, the number for many of us could be higher than many other aspects of our lives. Is there anything more excellent than the time we took to relax?

The cool-down is just as crucial for many of us as the heat-up. A proper cool-down room is desirable and essential for balancing our body temperatures and reaping the rewards of the rubber band theory without jeopardizing our custom sauna sessions.

This space, which features saunas designed with masculine characteristics, is also known as the man cave, dog house, or party room. Walker knows the value of good air quality and ventilation in saunas. Additionally, this offer of the Sauna sale effort includes our cool-down areas.

Cool down chamber environment control

By just opening the door to our hot rooms and the entrance to the outside, many of us can “infinitely control” the temperature in our cool-down rooms. However, in most cases, this merely affects the cooling of our rooms.

On the other hand, humidity tends to stay. Especially when the weather is quite chilly, we can see a tonne of steam leaving our cool-down rooms on cold custom sauna nights, but when the temperature drops, moisture condenses on the surfaces (glass, metal, towels, beer cans). Many people enjoy the cold, wet climate. It resembles a stroll in a tropical forest. Magical. However, too much residual moisture is terrible for our custom sauna structures.

Back to mechanical ventilation

Is mechanical ventilation absolutely necessary in your sauna cool-down room?

If so, where would the ideal location be for a vent to cool the room?

A mechanical vent in a Sauna sale could work better lower on the wall in the space where people cool off.

People who have spent more time in their cool-down rooms than most other things in their lives have provided the following recommendations:

Need for ventilation:

The vestibule/changing room and shower area require air to remove CO2 and other effluents, just like in our houses, offices, and custom saunas.

It is best if this area’s ventilation is distinct from the saunas. Because of this, maintaining the ideal intended atmosphere in each is made more straightforward, and fortunately, the expense isn’t too bad with a good Sauna sale discount.

  • The ideal exhaust for removing humidity is one that is located on the ceiling because hot air rises and holds more moisture than cooler air. Both CO2 and humidity removal should be successful in a custom sauna session when used in conjunction with a fresh air source close to the floor.
  • Another factor is temperature. A warmer temperature in the vestibule will keep bathers more comfortable each time the door is opened if the sauna has a lot of people entering and exiting. This is particularly true with a custom sauna with lower benches or without a sizable heat space above the entrance. If not, lower temperatures can be preferable.
  • Most of the time, a bathroom exhaust fan positioned on the ceiling with a fresh air source as far away from the ceiling fan as is practical is likely sufficient. The location of the ceiling fan should be close to the shower area.
  • Consider an inline duct fan, such as one from The Sauna Shop’s accessories area, for a soundproof solution. Additionally, you can install a duct silencer in your custom sauna kit between the fan and the ceiling vent for complete silence. The neighboring duct, silencer, and fan should all be strap-mounted and not in contact with any of the building’s components. The optimum way to control this would be with a regulator, which would enable remote control and timer control of the speed.

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