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Is it good time to invest in Blue World City Sports Valley?

by Uneeb Khan


The Blue World City housing society in Islamabad is the largest of its kind in Asia and Pakistan. After much anticipation, the new Blue World City Sports Valley Block in Islamabad has opened its doors. BWC’s design for this brand-new building was inspired by the desire to place its residents in close proximity to the world’s finest sports arenas. A designated entrance has been installed, and new development is underway on this floor. Advantages and disadvantages of the features, location, master plans, payment installation methods, and overall value are being discussed. And why not put your money into Blue World City Sports Valley? Intriguing, life-altering knowledge awaits you if you continue reading.

 Developers and Investors of the Sports Valley Blocks

Facilities Blue World City is a spectacular development funded and constructed by the Blue Group of Companies (BGC). Mr. Saad Nazir, the founder and CEO of BGC and owner of BWC, conceived the idea for this venture. Under his leadership, BWC unveiled the brand-new Sports Valley building on behalf of the building’s owner, BGC. The efforts of BWC’s founders and owners brought about the Burj al Arab, the Water Theme Park, and the Horse Mascots. Their goal is to inject the same vitality and enthusiasm into Sports Valley’s attractions. Please tell me the coordinates for BWC Sports Valley. 

Location of BWC Sports Valley

Blue World City Islamabad is located on the main Chakri Road not far from the Chakri Interchange. There is a direct route to BWC from the M2 Lahore-Islamabad Motorway. This community is superbly situated, being in close proximity to Rawalpindi, Islamabad, and the brand-new Islamabad International Airport. Chakri Interchange, N5 Highway G.T Road, M2 Toll Plaza and the Rawalpindi Ring Road are only few of the accessible roads to Blue World City Islamabad. Sports Valley, a brand-new community in Blue World City, has an ideal location. Direct access to this block is provided by Defense Road, which is linked to the 208-foot-wide main avenue. Next door to this brand new building are the General Block and the Overseas Block. The location of this structure is both attractive and practical. 

Sport Valley Block NOC

In 2018, BWC the Rawalpindi Development Authority issued a No Objection Certificate (NOC) to Blue World City. (RDA). The NOC was issued by letter numbered RDA/MP & TF/F-PHS-PTR-10/148. Dated: 07-08-2018. Only 53.75 acres of land were approved for development by the NOC. This resulted in a positive recommendation for BWC. They have filed for a NOC to extend their land in the Sports Valley development. It is the firm belief of BWC officials that the NOC for the Sports Valley section will likewise be granted.

 Features of the BWC Sports Valley Development 

 Overall, Blue World City Islamabad’s construction is moving along quickly. A total of 1115.125 acres of land in the Sports Valley block have now been purchased. There is a brand new front door at this building, and the renovations are moving along quickly. The 208-foot-wide main drag of Sports Block is complete. Additionally, Defense Road can be reached from the main thoroughfare. In addition to Pakistan’s largest cricket stadium, new facilities include a bowling alley, a mosque, a sports club, an apartment complex, a park, a volleyball court, an indoor games area, a cycling track, a hiking trail, and a number of special monuments.

 Attractions at BWC Sports Valley

 Building a full community requires infrastructure, incentives, and services. The entertainment options in Sports Valley mirror those at BWC. The sports facilities in the Sports Valley area will be state-of-the-art, stylish, and technologically advanced. This section has features such as:

  • An Invitation-Only Grand March Secured Gated Community with Round-the-Clock Patrols Community 
  • Health Services Materials for Instruction Power & Gas Piped Beneath Ground Temples of Islam and Mosques
  • Green Paved Streets Parks and lighted streets Park and playground upkeep as a service 

In what ways might Blue World City Sports Valley Block be a good investment? 

The low initial investment and plot prices in Blue World City Sports Valley are a big selling point for potential buyers. Both buyers and investors appreciate the low 7.5% down payment and straightforward 4-year payment plan. Some of the most essential reasons to invest in any community are its location, affordability, reliable owners and developers, on-the-ground development, cutting-edge infrastructure, first-rate resources, services, attractiveness, and high return on investment (ROI). Everything you might possibly need can be found in BWC Sports Valley. This area features first-rate infrastructure in addition to first-rate facilities, services, and attractions; the site is good; the owners and developers are trustworthy BGC; construction on the ground is progressing; and the location is ideal. Please check our YouTube channel for more information. 


 It is widely anticipated that the forthcoming Blue World City Sports Valley building will be a wonderful asset to the neighborhood. There is a state-of-the-art stadium and residential plots available in sizes of 5 Marla, 8 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal, making this an attractive option for sports lovers looking to settle down. I trust that your question about whether or not to put money into Blue World City Sports Valley Block has been satisfactorily answered. In the meantime. Don’t stop coming back to our site for updates on your Blue World City Payment Plan and expert advice.


The neighborhood is projected to profit tremendously with the opening of the Blue World City Sports Valley block. I hope you now see why it’s a smart move to buy Blue World City Sports Valley Block. For more information, kindly stay in touch with us. Visit our platform frequently to get suggestions and your Blue World City Payment Plan. Our consumers at BWC receive top-notch services from us. If you’ve any query related real estate then feel free to contact Estate Land Marketing.

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