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Inspiring Carton Box Design Ideas for Brands

by Uneeb Khan

A carton box is the simplest packaging box used to package many different items. The main manufacturing material used is cardboard. It is a tough material that supports and protects the items inside the carton box. Hence, do not get tense about shipping your products in carton boxes.

Carton boxes are the best for your business. They keep the items safe from various conditions. This includes shocks, friction, and climatic conditions. These boxes are wrapped in a waterproof layer that benefits the goods during rain. Now, rain can not create any hurdle during the delivery of your items if you have used carton packaging.

For E-commerce businesses, packaging is the key element. Retailers care a lot about the safe delivery of items. If you are a retailer and aim to deliver many packages at once and safety is the main point of concern for you, then get your hands on carton packaging boxes. These boxes are strong and spacious that keep your items safe during traveling. They tend to minimize the effect of friction that results from bumpy roads, etc.

Importance of Carton Packaging Boxes

Carton boxes have many advantages that do not make you regret the packaging choice for your business. First and foremost, the core concern for manufacturers and E-commerce businesses is the safe arrival of packages. Carton boxes can protect goods from breaking and tearing parts because of their materials’ strength, ensuring delivery of items in original conditions.

Carton boxes are also easy to handle and carry. Their material is not slippery, so one can comfortably transfer the whole package from one place to another. This reduces the time of the whole delivery process, and you can transfer double the number of items.

Another benefit of carton boxes that make them a remarkable choice is the packaging box size. They are designed to provide maximum space. Therefore, you can easily pack multiple items together, which speeds up the transport process.

Carton boxes are completely environmentally friendly. They are purely made up of 100% cardboard. This material breaks down into the soil easily and produces no toxins. There is no point in worrying about harming the climate using carton boxes.

Inspiring Design Ideas for Carton Boxes

Innovative and inspiring designs of carton boxes can surely set your business at the pinnacle.

Aseptic Cartons Boxes

Firms do deliver not only solid items but also liquid items such as juices, beverages, lotions, pharmaceuticals, etc. There must be some way to make their secure delivery possible. If you are encountering any such situation in your business, get aseptic carton boxes without a second thought.

This box is quite a strong and sustainable packaging idea. They do not allow any leakage of items due to the multilayer structure. Aseptic carton boxes contain many layers of paperboard, plastic and aluminum. These layers are put together with the help of strong glue. Once you pack your liquid items inside these boxes, grab your coffee and relax. Panicking about the secure transfer of items would be useless.

Although the multilayer structure prevents the recycling process, this does not mean they are costly. The stiff wall and strong skeleton of the packaging do not break apart easily. You can use the same box multiple times, and it will look like a new box every time. It is impossible to renew the whole box easily, but it is possible to print the box and change its outlook.

Moreover, aluminum makes these boxes inert to acids and many other reactions. Therefore, you can deliver liquid items in pure form.

Gable Top Carton Boxes

This is another form of an aseptic carton box. The only difference in this packaging is the separable cap or lid. Many companies require to store items in refrigerators to enhance the shelf life. For them, gable top carton boxes are a perfect choice. These boxes are mainly useful in inventory keeping. You can pack the finished good inside them and put them in big freezers. Pouring in and out liquid goods becomes so effortless because of the lid.

Five Panel Carton Boxes

If you are an E-commerce business and you have to deliver multiple goods at one address, then five-panel carton boxes are the best. They look like ordinary carton boxes, but they contain five different panels or compartments inside the box. The whole packaging process becomes smart, hence called smarty boxes as well.

Sports goods manufacturers also utilize five-panel carton boxes. For example, you can easily pack a cricket bat, ball, gloves, pads, etc., in a single box and save time and money.

Corrugated Carton Boxes

Corrugated carton boxes are three layered cardboard boxes. These are the most commonly used packaging boxes. The outer layers are smooth cardboard layers, while the third or the middle layer is fluted. The main aim of these boxes is to enhance the safety factor. The fluted layer provides extra cushion and absorbs the shock.

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