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ITIL is a best-practice framework for providing information technology services. ITSM’s systematic ITIL Certification approach helps organizations manage risk, strengthen customer relationships, and create the right IT environment for growth, expansion, and change.

What is ITIL?

The Information Technology Infrastructure Library is an IT service management framework that describes best practices for providing IT services. ITIL’s Systematic Approach to Information Technology Service Management is a stable way for companies to manage risk, strengthen relationships with clients, create profitable practices, and enable growth, scalability, and change. It helps you build a successful IT environment.

ITIL has undergone many revisions in its history and now consists of five books, each covering different processes and stages of the IT service lifecycle. The book contains recommendations and frameworks to help organizations standardize their service management processes. ITIL is committe to lowering the cost of IT operations, increasing employee productivity and satisfaction, and managing risks, obstacles, and disruptions throughout the organization.

ITIL’s goal is to provide clients and customers with the best possible customer service by creating predictable IT environments, streamlining operations, and identifying opportunities to improve efficiency. ITIL Certification has always focused on integrating information technology into its business. This is becoming more important as technology becomes an important aspect of every business unit. ITIL 4, the latest version of the ITIL Framework, maintains its original focus with a focus on enhancing resilient and resilient IT services.

What is include in ITIL?

ITIL has undergone many revisions in its history. The original 30 books of ITIL were first condense into 7 books in 2000 (when ITIL V2 was launch), each focusing on aspects of IT management. Then the 2007 ITIL Update Project consolidated ITIL Certification into five volumes of 26 processes and features. This is call the ITIL 2007 edition. In 2011, another update was release under the cabinet office. Five volumes remain and ITIL 2007 and ITIL 2011 remain the same.

Released in 2019, ITIL 4 focuses on process automation, improved service management, and integrating IT into business. However, we will update the framework to adapt to and incorporate. So the latest technologies, tools, and software. Since the last ITIL Certification update, IT has grown to become an integral part of every business, and the new framework addresses this because it is more flexible, flexible, and collaborative.

What are the core principles of ITIL 4?

ITIL 4 contains seven guidelines adopted from the latest ITIL Certification Exams covering organizational change. But management, communication, and metrics. These principles are as follows:

  • Focus on value
  • Let’s start from where you are
  • Repeat notes and move forward
  • Collaboration to enhance vision
  • Think and act as a whole
  • Make it simple and convenient
  • optimization and automation

ITIL 4 focuses on integrating corporate culture and information technology. So into the overall business structure. This facilitates cooperation between IT and other departments. In particular, other business units are becoming increasingly dependent on technology to get their work do. Customer feedback will also be emphasize as it will be easier than ever for companies to understand their public perceptions as well as their satisfaction and dissatisfaction.

For more information on the benefits of the latest version of ITIL, see ITIL 4: ITSM becomes Agile.

How do you practice ITIL?

ITIL is a collection of e-books, but reading simply does not improve IT operations. Effective implementation of ITIL requires everyone to participate in embracing new procedures and best practices. Think about the counseling, training, and certification you can get to prepare for the transition.

Since the early 1990s, the certification has manage by two independent bodies, EXIN and ISEB, depending on location. The two organizations entered into a partnership at the end of 2006 to strengthen the management of IT services.

Since 2014, Axelos has held ITIL personnel certification and is manage by the Certify Training Organization. The credits are manage by the Strategic Examination Institutes (EI). Educational institutions must directly accredit Axelos in order to provide accreditation to the ATO.

Before implementing ITIL in your organization, you need to answer many questions, such as what problems your organization is trying to solve and the path to continuous service improvement.

For more information on ITIL practice, see 7 Questions to ask before Implementing PRINCE2 Training and How to get start with ITIL.

What is ITIL Certification? Is it worth it?

The ITIL 4 certification program includes the ITIL Foundation and ITIL Master exams. Because after passing the ITIL Foundation exam, the certification system is divide into two tracks. But each with its own modules and exams, with the option of ITIL Certification Managing Professional (MP) or ITIL Strategy Leader (SL) certification. Completing both tracks will qualify you for the ITIL Master designation, the highest level of certification offered.

The ITIL Managing Professional (MP) exam is intended for IT practitioners involve in technology and digital teams. So across the organization, not just the IT department. This track teaches experts everything you need to know about successfully managing IT projects, teams, and workflows.

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