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Indian Cartoon Shows That You Should Definitely Watch

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Cartoons in India are largely dominated by foreign characters, foreign animations, and
foreign looks which do not seem familiar but are of international fame. Children don’t mind
these things, their only interest is to watch animated characters no matter what they look
like. Some of the popular series which gained enormous popularity are Tom and Jerry,
Mickey Mouse, Doraemon and many more which were dubbed in Hindi.

As Indian television started gaining popularity around the world it worked in the animation
sector as well. Despite economic stress or low-budget graphics, the Indian animation
industry is slowly growing.

Let us discuss some of the popular Indian cartoon shows which gained popularity outside
India as well.

1. Chhota Bheem

This show first appeared on a channel named Pogo. This show marked a massive climb in
popularity in the Indian animation industry. Prefix meaning five created by the CEO of
Green Gold Animation, this show revolves around a strong, intelligent and brave boy named
Bheem who lives in a village named Dholakpur which is fictional. Bheems character was
influenced by one of the Pandava brothers.

2. Roll No. 21

This show appeared on a cartoon network channel and is based on a very popular
mythological Krishna-Kansa rivalry. This show is reincarnated very brilliantly in relevance to
this modern era. Roll No. 21 depicts Kansa as the principal and Krishna as an intelligent and
brave student with some magical power. Kris, an incarnation of Krishna, uses his power for
the welfare of the world and to destroy Kansa’s evil plans. This show is designed in a funny
way to attract kids and depicts an interesting plot of Hindu mythology.

3. The Adventures Of Tenali Raman

This was the first Indian animated show made available in both Hindi and English language.
This was telecasted on the cartoon network. It depicted an interesting character named

Tenali Raman who was very intelligent and witty. This cartoon was very much loved by the
kids and made the stronghold of the Indian audience.

4. Motu Patlu

This animated show is most loved around India in recent times. This animation is a classic
comic strip on Lot Pot magazine adaptation. Appeared on the Nickelodeon channel,
featuring the story of two close friends named motu and patlu, living in a town called Furfuri
Nagar. It is a very well depicted plot with a villain character ‘job the don’ who is always
involved in criminal activities. He has his two idiot henchmen who always destroy his plan.
This series has a song titled ‘motu aur patlu ki jodi’ sung by famous Bollywood singer
Sukhwinder Singh.

5. Mighty Raju

As this is a spin-off of the Chhota Bheem cartoon series. It is also Green Gold Animation.
This series showed Raju a character in the Chhota Bheem series with superhuman power.
Each episode is of an hour.
The Series depicts Raju’s mother while pregnant, consuming a chemical compound called
Neutrino accidentally. This resulted in Raju being born with super power and using it to fight
against unjust, criminals and unlawful possession, what dinosaur has 500 teeth. Raju
works for the welfare of the world while risking his own life.

6. Krishna Balram

Another Green Gold animation production based on yet another Hindu mythology. This
depicts the childhood friendship of Lord Krishna and his brother Lord Balram. The Series
revolves around the adventure Lord Krishna had with his friends, including Radha. It is loved
by kids and gives them a lesson about true friendship at the same time so that they can
value their friendship in their respective lives.
These were some Indian cartoon shows that you should definitely watch, enjoy and learn
good lessons as well. This is all from my side. Do have a look at the rest of the topics.

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