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Important Questions to Ask Your Study Abroad Consultant

Study Abroad Consultant or studying abroad can be one of the most memorable and cherished experiences of one’s life. It brings a lot of opportunities and life experiences with new people and friends. The whole application process, however, can be frustrating and nerve-wracking since there are so many countries and options to choose from.

In such a confusing environment, making a sound choice can be difficult. This is where education consultants can help you with. Career counselors can guide you through your wish list and help you make good decisions. If it is your first time getting a consultation, then keep on reading for some valuable insight into the study abroad advisors and getting the most out of counseling.

Most Important Questions You Must Ask Your Study Abroad Advisor

Going abroad for studying is not an easy thing; that is why most of the students prefer going to a study abroad consultant for guidance and help in the admission process. If you are planning to study abroad, here are some important questions that you must ask your consultant.

What is the right time to apply to international universities?

If you are planning to study abroad, it is recommended that you start planning in advance (at least one year before the intended program). Even though most international universities have two to three intakes per year, but it is better if you plan ahead of time, so you don’t miss any deadlines.

By planning in time, you will have plenty of time to prepare for documents, finances, prepare for tests, etc. Therefore, ask your advisor to make a timetable for you and give you details regarding all the deadlines of your preferred universities.

What are the essential required documents I need to apply abroad?

While consulting with your education advisor, you need to ask them about the universities you want and can apply too and documents needed to apply to these colleges. When you have complete information regarding all the required documents, you can be prepared ahead of time and avoid any last-minute setbacks.

Some of the general documents that you will need are the recommendation letters, a detailed CV, Transcripts, Diploma, visa application form, Statement of purpose, application forms, etc. Therefore, sit with your counselor and get details about every document and how to prepare the best Statement of Purpose for your application.

Are there any scholarships available which you can apply for?

There are so many governments and private international scholarships schemes that it is almost impossible for an individual to know about all of them. Some scholarships are offered by private institutions and governments, while most international students provide scholarships to international students.

Some scholarships need additional documents, while some automatically consider your college application. You must ask your advisor if you are eligible for a scholarship and what documents you need to prepare in advance to apply.

Note that most counselors have MoU signed with several international universities, so they provide you with scholarships. Therefore, get in touch with study abroad consultants in Pakistan today to secure scholarships on a first-come-first-served basis. 

What is the total expected cost of studying abroad in your preferred country/university?

Cost is something that significantly affects the decision to study abroad. It is one of the crucial factors to consider when you plan on foreign studies. Therefore, ask your consultant to give you a clear estimate of the total cost for the duration of your studies (4-years for Bachelors and 1-2 years for Masters).

This estimated cost should include both tuition fees and living costs. Keep in mind that while planning the finances, you need to include additional costs (Medical, travel, etc.) as well in case of any emergencies. Also, keep the current inflation rate in mind when you are planning your expenses and budget.

Can I stay abroad after completion of my degree, and if yes, then for how long and How can I apply for a Post-study work permit and Visa?

When students go for studying abroad, most of them tend to settle there after their degrees. Some students don’t have any idea that you can stay for 60-90 days in a foreign country after completion of your degree and look for jobs. During this confusion, some students fly back to their home country right after completion of their degrees.

A good study abroad consultant will give you detailed information regarding your options after completion of your program abroad. You can ask them about the whole process of applying for a post-study work visa in your preferred country. Note that all countries have different work visa regulations, therefore ask your counselor regarding all the rules and regulations of your selected countries.

Get Consulting and Apply Away!

These are some of the few essential questions that every student must ask their study abroad advisor before applying to foreign universities. The education consultancy and application guides of foreign universities can be confusing and frustrating, but don’t worry as these education consultants can help you every step of the way.

Therefore, get assistance from education experts and apply away to your desired universities abroad!

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