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What is IGCSE and why is it the best choice for my child?

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When you think of the future, you probably think of what new technologies, industries, and job opportunities will be available to you in 10, 20, or even 30 years. But what about now? Are there new career opportunities that you could explore right now? Here are five emerging careers and industries that you should consider for your future.

We are in an era of exponential technological advancement and it’s not just in the way we live our lives – it is also in how we earn a living. The world is experiencing a paradigm shift in various industries. Industries which were not being considered relevant in the past are becoming vital driving forces of growth and development today.

The last two years have seen a surge in adoption of new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Cloud computing, the Internet of Things and non-humanoid robots.

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It’s not just about finding a great job. It’s also about taking the time to consider what career path is right for you. And while you’ll face a lot of decisions along the way, you’ll likely come out the other side a better person for it.” 

The only constant is change, and the global economy is one filled with it. In order to be successful, students need to learn skills that will allow them to work in emerging industries. Students who have the right skill sets can satisfy their long-term career ambitions while pursuing passion projects. Here are five of the most promising industries that will be available for students in 2025 and beyond:

Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

Artificial intelligence deals with computers understanding common language and translating those orders into programmes to be actioned, just like humans and animals can react based on senses of sight, sound, hearing, taste and touch.

Computer science and engineering are good areas for honing the technical skills needed to succeed in these fields. Once you have chosen the right education path, you can then begin planning what you would like to do next in your career!

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Data Science and Analytics

Data science is not just about programming computers with lots of algorithms and formulas or developing complex logic using array functionality. It’s about figuring out the most efficient way to collect, organise, process and model large and voluminous datasets. Businesses are doing the same with data; understanding how it can be used to solve real-life problems.

Data science has become one of the most diverse and fastest-growing industries in the world.

According to a report by the World Economic Forum,

Data Analysts and scientists are one of the top job roles increasing in demand across industries.

Once you have a strong foundation in data analytics,

you will be ready to take on your dreams in your data science career.

Cyber Security

Cyber security is essential to everything we share digitally and it is becoming increasingly important as more businesses share and collect data – think of all the online forms you are filling right now!

If you’re looking to get into the field of Cybersecurity, it’s important that you realise that it’s not just about breaking into one’s computer or hacking passwords; it’s about protecting our own data and identity while we work online.

There are many challenges to overcome before one completely understands this fascinating field, but a good place to begin is by pursuing your passion through an undergraduate degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, Information systems or Cybersecurity.

This will educate you on the very best technical areas relating to cybersecurity, along with elements of business and computer science to give you a well-rounded idea of what the industry entails and how far one can reach while operating within its sphere. After graduation, you will be fast-track ready to take the next steps towards carving out your niche within this particular field!

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Fintech and Payments

Payments serve a universal purpose: they help customers transfer money from one account to another, while preserving trust and security. So what exactly are some fintech or payment-based jobs? Both industries are surprisingly high in demand due to their ability to set up merchant services for businesses, individuals and companies alike.

From logistics to customer relations, anything is possible within these areas!


You’ve likely heard a lot about blockchain, but it’s important to remember that blockchain is still in its early stages. Blockchain is a digital recording system that eliminates the need for any financial middlemen.

This technology will only continue to grow as more and more industries begin to understand its value.

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Future-ready education – How does Charterhouse prepare the students?

Our unique education programme equips students with the skills and knowledge required to tackle real-world problems.

Charterhouse Malaysia’s Spectra Smarts approach develops students’ full range of human intelligence and is designed to bring out the best of what it means to be human so that graduates are ‘Future Ready’ and equipped with the tools needed to succeed in a high-tech future.

At Charterhouse Malaysia, we believe all of our students are leaders.

All students are automatically members of Charterhouse Forum, a student-run body responsible for the personal development of the students.

To conclude…

There are so many things that can capture your attention as a secondary school student.  In such a dynamic environment, it’s important to remember that every step is different and changes as life continues.

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