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How to Write an Impressive Thesis Results Section?

by M Asim


With dissertation research results, it is possible to imagine the start of some scientific work. Students’ task in their theses is to create a result section that presents study findings. 

A result section is an important part of a research paper or thesis, where students analyse their major findings. To make this result section, students have to go beyond just highlighting study outcomes. They also have to involve a comprehensive yet statistical analysis that clarifies the gathered data in detail. 

This blog is for those students who are doing their thesis for the first time and how to write a stunning thesis result section. Be it quantitative or qualitative indicators, tables and diagrams, describing data, or professional assistance like thesis writing help, this write-up will answer all your questions. 

What is the Results Section of a Thesis?

The result section of a thesis is a data statement that you gather from your research. This section is where you will have to highlight the main findings of your study to your professor. This part also shows the information systematically, objectively and properly. It can be done by using text supplemented with illustrations. 

This section does not have a word limit, but it has to be filled with information properly. Conclusions or interpretations are optional; therefore, this section is the smallest part of your thesis, but sometimes, this part can also become challenging for students as it requires all the relevant information. 

Sometimes, when students need help understanding the purpose of this section, they need help from a thesis writing service. This is a wise decision to make instead of writing irrelevant information, which can lead to poor marks from the professors. 

Here are some points that you need to keep in mind while writing this result section in your thesis:

  • It answers the question of what has been found in your research.
  • It only contains your study’s outcome. They don’t include comments or clarifications.
  • The results must always be given accurately.
  • The tables and figures in this section help the reader understand the purpose of the thesis even more clearly. 

Thesis: Results vs Discussion vs Conclusion

This section of the blog shows the difference between result, discussion, and conclusion. Several students do not know the difference between them and mix them up with a conclusion for a dissertation. 

Check out the table below, to know the differences between these:

Results chapter Discussion or Conclusion
Answers the question,“what”Answer the question “so what”.
Describes the experiments that has been carried out before writing the thesisConcludes and interprets the importance of the research
States results, but does not interpret them Interprets the results but does not restate them
Involves only those data that are relevant to the discussion or conclusion Does not give new results.
It uses simple tense It uses both past and present tense.
It includes non-textual components like pictures, photographs and tables. Uses only text. 

How to write a result section 

  • State only the actual results. Leave the interpretations and comments for the discussion part. 
  • Make use of picture tables to attract this section 
  • Ensure that the contents of tables and figures do not get repeated in the text. 

What should be avoided while writing the result section?

This section guides you to avoid some things that should not be in the results section of your thesis. 

  • Make the research simple. Your graphs and tables should be clear and follow order so that they can be seen without any explanations. 
  • Don’t include raw data. Note that you are summarising, not reporting them. This resection must consist of your findings. 
  • Don’t contradict false results or errors. Explain the issue in the conclusion. This often takes place when several other research methods are included. 
  • Do not write a conclusion in this section. Only findings. 
  • Refrain from including inferences or explanations based on the results because this might make this chapter unclear, confusing, and even subjective to the professor. 
  • Remember novelty. If you do, your paper will be accepted. 

Who should you reach out to for full professional support in the Results section?

Students who have to do their thesis may need to be properly guided by the purpose of the results section. Or they need more time to give the thesis for several reasons, such as poor knowledge of the subject, health issues, or other demanding academic activities. This kind of situation happens quite often when managing time between social life and academic life becomes a hassle. Therefore, it is suggested that you get help from professional thesis writers. 

Assignment World, the thesis writing service, has experts in various fields of study who help you with your thesis results section. They are known as the best thesis writing service in Australia for a reason, such as their genuine service and the experts there having high degrees like PhD. They have been helping students for a while now, and they know the exact requirements of the students with their theses. 

With the help of thesis writing help, you can easily obtain good grades and also know the subject properly. 

Final thoughts 

The results section in a thesis is a very crucial part. It has to be proper and concise. It will only consist of the findings and not any summary or discussion. Students in Australian universities face challenges while completing this section as it only asks for relevant information regarding the topic. Any other information that aligns differently from the topic can lead students to score low grades in the thesis. To avoid this risk, you should take help from the thesis writing help. Visit the Assignment World website to learn more about unique services!

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