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How to Wash Garden Furniture with Pressure: A Complete Guide

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Garden furniture can be a cornerstone in outdoor living spaces. It provides aesthetics, comfort, and relaxation for entertainment and relaxation. Over time the elements may cause a buildup on the pieces, making them look less appealing. However, they can be restored to their original beauty with a little care. The most efficient method is pressure cleaning. This guide will cover the process of pressure washing Peachtree City garden furniture.

Understanding the Basics in Pressure Washing

Knowing the fundamentals before diving into specifics about pressure washing outdoor furniture is crucial. A high-pressure stream is used to wash away dirt, mildew, mold, and other debris. The equipment usually comprises a motorized water pump, high-pressure tube, and nozzle, which controls spray pattern and intensity.


Prepare the area surrounding your garden furniture as well as the surrounding area. Clear away any obstacles or debris that could impede the cleaning process. Cover delicate items and plants to protect them from high-pressure water spray.

The Furniture:

Look closely at each piece of outdoor furniture and identify any problems, like stubborn stains, mildew development, or chips in the paint. This assessment can help you decide on the most appropriate cleaning solution and technique to address specific issues effectively.

Cleaning Solutions:

Selecting cleaning solutions may require you to use a pressure washer in combination with a cleaning solution, depending on the materials of your garden furnishings and the degree of soiling. Choose environmentally safe detergents that are safe to use outdoors and compatible with surface material. You can use mild, soapy water to clean wooden furniture. A specialized cleaner will be required on metal or plastic surfaces.

Test Spot:

Before cleaning the whole piece of furniture, clean a small, unnoticeable patch to test the compatibility with the cleaning product and pressure settings. Adjust as needed to achieve the desired results without damaging your furniture.

Once you’ve completed the pre-washing steps, start washing your garden furnishings with pressure. Start by holding the pressure wash nozzle approximately 12-18 inches away from the furniture surface. Work systematically, moving the pressure washer nozzle in overlapping movements to ensure complete coverage.

For best results, adjust the pressure and angle to suit the area. Don’t linger on one spot too long; excessive pressure and prolonged exposure can damage the surface.


After you have completed the pressure cleaning process, thoroughly rinse the garden furnishings with clean tap water to remove any leftover detergent. Continue to keep your distance from the surface to avoid damage.


Allow garden furniture to dry by air before returning it to its original location. If possible, avoid direct sunlight. Rapid drying may result in streaks or water marks.

Maintaining garden furniture will extend its lifespan and ensure it remains clean. Examine the furniture regularly for signs of dirt, mold, or damage. Consider applying a sealant or coating on wooden furniture to prevent moisture and exposure to UV rays.


Pressure washing Newnan is an excellent method to rejuvenate garden furniture. It will restore its beauty and functionality with little effort. Follow the detailed instructions to achieve a thorough cleaning of your outdoor oasis that will last many years. By using the correct equipment, preparation, and technique, you can restore your outdoor living space to its former glory, ready to entertain guests and relax in style.

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