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How to start your VPN business in 2022

by Uneeb Khan

The VPN industry is booming with every passing year. You may need a VPN to keep your browsing private or overcome geo-restrictions; many users now understand the tremendous benefits of opting for a VPN.

From a business perspective, this brings a lucrative proposition. Now, you can start your VPN business and take a chunk from the revenue pie! It all depends on your entrepreneurial skills. Here is how you can start a White Label VPN service in 2022.

1.    Pick a target audience

Like any other business, a VPN business begins by selecting a target market. Even within the VPN industry, various niches cater to different audiences. Some people wish for a cheap VPN for safe browsing over public Wi-Fi. Others don’t mind paying extra if their data is secure and the privacy policies are transparent.

Knowing your target audience’s interests, demographics and purchasing power is the beginning of creating a product that best suits their needs.

2.    Set up the server infrastructure

Now comes the most critical part – creating the VPN! For this, you need to set up the infrastructure for the server. It would help if you did so. But quality VPN providers have as many as 5000+ servers!

The minimum two servers, one for firewall and VPN, would allow you to handle outgoing and incoming traffic. The firewall server will act as a security barrier. Then, you need to create an authentication system via which users can safely access the VPN. Usually, this refers to a personalized username and password for every subscriber.

3.    Develop the app

The backend of the VPN is just one aspect of your product. Now, you need to work on developing an app around your service. Here, you must ensure compatibility with a variety of operating systems. This will allow people to access your app from various devices, including Android, iOS, Windows, etc.

You will have to outsource this task unless you are an app developer. Invest in a quality developer who can help you create a smooth interface. Both the UI and UX of an app matter. It would help if you ticked off aesthetics as well as functionality.

Proceed by setting a price that is both competitive and profitable for you.

4.    Continue to research

Even after creating a basic VPN to start things up, make sure always to keep researching recent trends in the market. For example, if you currently cater to those who want a low-cost VPN, you will be fine with a two-server solution.

But, for profitability, you should develop better features, boost security and expand your servers. And for this, research and development are necessary. This is an ongoing process and should be taken as such.

Pro tip: Look for a VPN reseller

Unless you have the technical expertise, connections, and resources to create a VPN from scratch, we recommend opting for a VPN reseller instead. This will allow you to skip steps two, three, and four!

This way, all of the backend aspects will be the reseller’s responsibility, and all you will have to manage would be consumer data and payments. Here, all you have to do is match your target audience to the propositions of a reseller.

There are various VPN resellers available as well. Choose one that gives you the best brand control. The last thing any businessman would want is for people to directly opt for the reseller rather than go through your service.

5.    Market extensively

You can create the best product in the world, but all your effort will amount to nothing significant if users aren’t aware of it. Think of it this way. There are a plethora of VPNs out there at this very moment. Who decides which VPN gets the subscribers? Marketing does.

You must create sufficient product awareness and be with the consumer throughout their buying cycle. For starters, you can use content marketing to make them aware of the need for a VPN. Then, for users actively searching for one, you can run search engine ads and optimize your site for keywords so that your VPN comes up on top when they look for it.

For site visitors that bounce after visiting, you can send cold emails with lucrative offers to get them back. All of this comes under digital marketing. Still, it is pretty extensive.

6.    Work on customer service

A great way to distinguish your VPN from others is by providing excellent customer support. It doesn’t matter if you are opting for a reseller option or creating your VPN from scratch; you need to be able to handle customer queries and complaints promptly. Retaining customers is much cheaper than getting new ones.

So, ensure good customer support via live chat options, automated responses, and quick turnaround time.

Ending Remarks

Starting your VPN business in 2022 isn’t that hard. There are a lot of resources available to help you through it all. If you think you can handle the technical bits, go ahead and delve into the VPN world!

Make sure to create a unique value proposition for your VPN to get a more significant share of the pie.

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