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How to Start Studying for the GMAT Focus Edition: 5 Steps for Success

by M Asim

GMAT Focus Edition is an upgrade of GMAT Exam, though GMAT Focus Edition test prep is not much different from GMAT classic. Just you need to have a different mind game for the GMAT test. This blog will focus on how to start studying for GMAT Focus Edition, 5 steps for success in the GMAT exam, the best GMAT prep books, Free GMAT mock tests, GMAT coaching, and GMAT tutor. Here’s a structured five-step approach to help you start your GMAT preparation effectively:

Step 1: Know GMAT Focus Edition and Write the GMAT Test to Map

GMAT Focus Edition Exam Pattern: Now GMAT is no more a three-hour long exam. GMAT Focus Edition is only 2 hours and 15 minutes long and individually it is 45 minutes for each section: Verbal Aptitude known as V, Quantitative Aptitude known as Q, and Data Insight known as DI. There are 23 questions in Verbal, 21 in Quant, and 20 in DI. Each carries an equal duration of 45 minutes.

Scoring Format:  Familiarize yourself with the scoring method for each section and the computation of the overall score. This insight will help you make your strategy focusing your study plan according to your areas of proficiency and improvement needs.

Step 2. Assess Your Current Level

Take a Diagnostic Test: Before jumping to full-fledged GMAT Focus Edition prep, take a full-length adaptive mock test of GMAT Focus Edition. This approach will provide you with an initial score, offering insight into your beginning level.

Analyze Your Performance: Review your diagnostic test results to identify which sections and question types you need the most improvement in.

Step 3. Establish a Target Score and Organize Your Study Timeline

Identify Your Target Score: Investigate the typical GMAT scores of students accepted into the programs you are considering. This will assist you in setting an achievable and precise target score.

Create a Study Plan: Based on your goal score and how much time you have before your test date, create a detailed study plan. Customize your study materials to devote more time to concentrate on the areas where you require the most improvement. Ensure your plan includes practice, practice, and practice with the assessment of performance.

Step 4. Use High-Quality Study Materials

Official GMAT Materials: Start with the official GMAT preparation materials provided by the GMAC (Graduate Management Admission Council). These materials include the most representative questions and practice tests.

Supplementary Resources: Consider additional study aids like GMAT prep books from reputable publishers, online courses, and tutoring if necessary.

Step 5. Practice, Review, and Adjust

Consistent Practice: Dedicate consistent time to study each section of the GMAT. Use practice questions to apply what you’ve learned and to Get to know the structure of the test.

Examine Errors in Detail: Following your practice sessions, carefully go over the questions you got wrong to grasp the nature of your errors. This method will assist in assimilating lessons from these errors and averting their recurrence.

Modify Your Study Strategy When Required: Continuously evaluate your advancement towards your target score. Remain adaptable and recalibrate your study approach based on the outcomes of your practice exams and quizzes.

Additional Insights: Highlight Time Control: As the GMAT operates on a timed basis, it’s vital to refine your time management prowess. Develop tactics for dealing with various question styles in an effective manner.

Maintain Motivation and Handle Stress: The journey to prepare for the GMAT may present challenges. Seek strategies to keep your motivation high, like establishing incremental, attainable objectives. Employ methods to manage stress, ensuring you remain serene and concentrated both throughout your preparation and on the day of the exam.

Initiating your GMAT study plan with a methodical strategy can greatly improve your productivity and success rate. Bear in mind, that maintaining regularity and determination is crucial for reaching your target score. Best wishes!

Strategic Implications for Applicants

Benchmarking: Applicants should use GMAT score data to benchmark against target programs’ average scores. This helps in identifying realistic target schools and understanding the need for retake strategies.

Balanced Profile: While a high GMAT score is advantageous, admissions committees evaluate candidates holistically. Professional experience, academic records, essays, and interviews also play critical roles.

Score Improvement: Data on score improvements suggests that focused preparation, especially after an initial diagnostic test, can lead to significant score gains. This holds especially for candidates scoring below the average of their chosen programs.

The Best GMAT Prep for GMAT Exam

Choosing appropriate study resources is vital for achieving success when studying for the GMAT. Here’s a list of highly recommended GMAT study books that cover a comprehensive range of strategies, practice questions, and test-taking tips to help you achieve a high score:

1. Official GMAT Guides

The Official Guide for GMAT Review: The latest edition includes hundreds of real GMAT questions from past exams, detailed answer explanations, and an overview of the exam format. It’s considered the most reliable source for authentic practice questions.

The Official Guide for GMAT Quantitative Review: Focuses specifically on the quantitative section, offering additional practice questions and strategies.

The Official Guide for GMAT Verbal Review: Provides in-depth coverage and practice for the verbal section.

2. Strategy Guides

Manhattan Prep GMAT Strategy Guides: A set of strategy guides covering every section of the GMAT, including detailed instructions on the test’s various question types and effective strategies for tackling them. Manhattan Prep’s guides are known for their thoroughness and quality.

Kaplan GMAT Prep Plus: Offers comprehensive coverage of all GMAT sections, including strategies, practice questions, and online resources. Kaplan’s books are well-regarded for their detailed explanations and test-taking strategies.

Veritas Prep Complete GMAT Course Set: Includes a series of books, each focusing on a different area of the GMAT. Veritas Prep’s materials are praised for their detailed content and strategic approach to test-taking.

3. Quantitative and Verbal Specific Books

PowerScore GMAT Critical Reasoning Bible: Specifically designed to help students master the critical reasoning section of the GMAT, this book is great for those seeking to improve their verbal scores.

Total GMAT Math by Jeff Sackmann: An excellent resource for comprehensive quantitative section preparation, covering every type of math question you’ll encounter on the GMAT and offering extensive practice problems.

GMAT Advanced Quant by Manhattan Prep: Ideal for students aiming for a top quant score, this book focuses on high-level quantitative strategies and practice questions.

4. Practice Test and Question Banks

GMAT Official Practice Exams and Question Bank: Available online through the official GMAT website, these practice exams are an invaluable resource for simulating the actual test environment and timing.

Additional Tips for Choosing Study Materials:

Latest Editions: Always opt for the most recent editions of GMAT books to ensure you’re studying with the most current content and practice questions.

Supplementary Online Resources: Many of these books come with online resources, such as practice tests, video lessons, and additional practice questions. These can be extremely beneficial for your preparation.

Reviews and Recommendations: Before purchasing, read reviews and seek recommendations from former test-takers to find the books that best fit your learning style and study needs.

Remember, the best study plan is personalized. Start with a diagnostic test to identify your strengths and weaknesses, then choose the books and resources that best address your specific needs. Consistent practice, review of concepts, and strategic test-taking preparation will be key to achieving your desired GMAT score.

The Price, Offers, and GMAT Prep Course Resources for GMAT Exam

Preparing for the GMAT with practice tests is a crucial part of your study plan, as it helps familiarize you with the exam format, timing, and types of questions you’ll encounter. Here’s a list of reputable sources offering free GMAT practice tests:

1. GMAT Official Website (MBA.com)

Offer: Two free official practice exams with the option to purchase more.

Features: These tests offer the most realistic practice experience as they use actual questions from past exams and the same scoring algorithm as the real GMAT.

Website: MBA.com

2. Manhattan Prep

Offer: One free GMAT practice test, with more available upon purchase of any of their books or courses.

Features: Known for its high-quality questions that closely mimic the real test. Provides detailed performance analysis.

Website: Manhattan Prep

3. Kaplan Test Prep

Offer: One free GMAT practice test, with additional tests available through their paid courses.

Features: Kaplan’s tests are known for their detailed score reports and explanations. You also get to experience their test interface, which is similar to the actual GMAT.

 Website: Kaplan Test Prep

4. Princeton Review

Offer: One free online GMAT practice test. Additional tests are available if you sign up for their courses.

Features: Delivers an in-depth analysis report highlighting areas of proficiency and areas needing improvement.

Website: Princeton Review

5. Veritas Prep

Offer: One free GMAT practice test, with more available upon purchase.

Features: Offers detailed question explanations and performance analysis. Veritas Prep practice tests are praised for their realism and quality.

Website: Veritas Prep

6. Economist GMAT Tutor

Offer: One free simulated GMAT test, with a subscription model for additional content and tests.

Features: The Economist GMAT Tutor offers a comprehensive digital learning experience with adaptive learning technology to focus on your weak areas.

Website: Economist GMAT Tutor

7. Magoosh

Offer: Free GMAT practice test with a selection of practice questions. Full access requires purchasing their course.

Features: Provides video explanations for each question and a detailed performance analysis.

Website: Magoosh

8. Target Test Prep

Offer: A limited number of free practice questions. Full access to practice tests requires a subscription.

Features: Focuses on the quantitative section and is known for its thorough explanations and strategies.

Website: Target Test Prep

Additional Tips:

Diversity of Practice: Utilize different sources for practice tests to experience a variety of question types and difficulties.

Review Your Mistakes Following every practice exam, meticulously analyze the questions you answered incorrectly to grasp the errors made and glean lessons from them.

Simulate Test Conditions: During practice exams, mimic the actual test environment by strictly observing time constraints and limiting yourself to the prescribed breaks.

Taking multiple practice tests throughout your preparation can significantly improve your familiarity with the GMAT format and help you manage your time more effectively on test day. Remember to balance practice tests with targeted study on your weaker areas for a comprehensive preparation strategy.

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