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How to repair typical Canon issues complete guide

by Uneeb Khan

Canon b200 reset tool This means that the temperature or voltage of the printhead is abnormal. You may have a defective printhead. First, check these solutions:

Solution 1 

  • The power cable should be disconnected from the printer.
  • Wait 1 hour.
  • Connect the power cable

Solution 2 

  • Make sure the contact pins are clean and in good condition.
  • Make sure to check the Cable connection, especially the carriage FFC.

Solution 3 

  • Switch off the power
  • The panel can be opened
  • Turn on the power
  • Wait for the print carriage to move to the left.
  • Let it go beyond halfway
  • Before printing carriage opens the cover from the left side.
  • Turn the Printer off

Solution 4 :

  • Unplug the power cord.
  • The printer can be opened
  • Move the entire print head mechanic towards the centre
  • Plug the power cord and turn the printer ON while it is still open.
  • Close the cover if the printhead is still moving to the LEFT.
  • Could you wait for it to start up?

Solution 4a

  • All ink cartridges must be removed
  • The grey bar is where the ink goes.
  • The print head was left in the middle of the printer while it was turned off.

Solution 4b 

  • Clean the primers/cleaners for the plastic heads on the printer (the rightmost).

Solution 4c 

  • Turn off your printer
  • Cover open
  • Turn on your printer
  • Please wait for the print carriage to move to the left, then let it pass halfway.
  • The carriage before the print is on the left side. However, after reaching halfway across, close the cover.
  • Turn off the printer.

Solution 4d 

When I tried to print without black ink, my Canon MX860 stopped printing and locked up with the canon pixma g2000 installation. I took out the printhead and flushed it with hot water until there was no ink waste. I tried again, but the lockout and B200 messages did not disappear.

To dismantle the printhead, remove it again. This time, use a jeweller’s screwdriver to remove two small screws. Take care to protect your ribbon cable. This cable should not be removed. The complex rubber gasket will be visible. This should be removed and cleaned with hot water. Set aside.

This will allow for further cleaning of ink passages after the screws have been removed. Use hot water to clean, isopropyl alcohol for washing, and a small (1/4″) rubber tube to blow out any excess water/alcohol from your printhead body.

You should not push or touch the ink jets (small metal strips that are large for colour printing; a second set is for black printing). Reassemble the parts after drying. Replace the gasket carefully to fit over the plastic tips at the various ink ports.

Error B200 has disappeared.

Head alignment, deep cleaning, 3x regular cleaning and head cleaning are all part of Ran printer maintenance. Gradually, print quality is restored because the ink has flowed into the printhead cavity and the ink jets

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