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How To Look After Twins Babies

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Giving birth to one baby is a daunting task on its own, but having two together truly is a scary but fulfilling experience. More often than not, parents are aware if they’re having twins so there is enough and more time to prepare mentally for two infants.

It is always advised to get an extra set of hands other than the parents to help out with the twins as it will be a round-the-clock job to feed them and care for them. Having the necessary baby equipment ready, from diaper stations to cribs – it is best to have two of everything prior to the infants arriving home.

Sleeping Arrangements

Having the twins sleep together has its pros and cons both. If one awakens, it is often that they will try and wake the other baby too. But the closeness of each other will provide them the security they need. But, training them to be on the same schedule will help both parents even in the future. If one wakes up hungry, the other one too can be fed during the same time. It will save the parents from exhaustion.

Feeding Patterns

While it is easier said than done to feed them together, it is exactly what moms need to do. While it might be difficult to have both babies breastfeed together, you can always pump milk and keep It for the other baby when one is being fed. Being prepared with nursing clothes, feeding bras, and nursing pillows is important when you have twins.

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While the babies may look the same, it is important to get to know who they are, their behaviors, how they cry for food, the cues they give when they need cuddles, etc. While you do spend a lot of time when feeding the babies, it is also important to spend quality time with your infants when they’re not being fed. Understanding their individuality, and treating them accordingly from the beginning is an important trait that will be practiced even in the future as they grow up.

Planning Ahead

With twins, it is always important to plan ahead with everything. Especially when running errands and doing bath time. It is most difficult to do this with just one parent, and often both parents need to get involved, especially if you don’t have enough space for bath time, do not have a double stroller, etc. Parents can take up separate duties well in advance. One to have the bathing space ready, and bathe the infants, while the other does the drying and dressing them up.

While reading all the lists on how to manage twins will definitely help you prepare for them, the experience itself will be different from one parent to another. So, it is important that you find patterns, schedules, and hacks that will help you go through this daunting time smoothly.

Having a supportive partner, and an extra set of hands always help during the first few weeks. Creating a routine that is comfortable for you around the babies’ needs is what a new mother of twins needs to do to make life easier.

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