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How to Improve English Vocabulary for IELTS Speaking Test?

by Uneeb Khan

There is no denying the fact that becoming proficient in English vocabulary requires patience. To ace the vocabulary of any language whether French, Tamil, Hindi, or English, one must work sincerely. In addition to this, one must also work on it at least for three months. English vocabulary is a very considerable part of the English language. You can’t gain expertise in the English language if you aren’t giving adequate attention to learning English vocabulary. Learning English vocabulary is a must for candidates who are preparing for the IELTS exam. 

Do you want to achieve an excellent score on the IELTS speaking test? Well, if yes, then learning English vocabulary is a must as this will facilitate giving elaborative and exact answers fluently. The blog will help you improve your English vocabulary from the perspective of the IELTS speaking test. Thus, read this article to the last to have a profound understanding of the tips to improve your English vocabulary. 

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Improve your English Vocabulary for IELTS Speaking Test with the help of the  tips elaborated on below:

  • Get an eminent dictionary

In the world of technology, numerous dictionary apps and websites are there to help you in learning different words profoundly. The bad thing is that this can make learning quite confusing. Therefore, adhering to a dictionary in paper format would be a good option for you. Not all dictionaries help you learn words profoundly. You must stick to the finest dictionary such as the Oxford dictionary as this incredible dictionary elaborates on every word profoundly. Moreover, the dictionary can cost you Rs 200 but will surely help you learn with the right approach. 

  • Locate the best study spot

Once you have acquired the finest dictionary, locate a perfect place to sit and explore new words daily. If you are unable to grasp a link between place and learning words. Then, let us tell you that an ideal study spot will facilitate learning for you. Picking an idyllic place that lets you continue your preparations peacefully is very vital for you. But make sure that the post you have chosen to study is safe. Studying in a hygienic place will help you stay positive while studying for exams. 

  • Learn five words daily

Many candidates often target for 50 words in a day to upgrade their English vocabulary. Well, this could be a good way but will surely create confusion. Therefore, stick to the right approach to learning words. Explore five words daily with their examples for three months. Make sure not to jump this limit as this can cause frustration in the last and make you skip your habit of learning new words daily. It is good to learn a few words persistently. Note that you have to focus on grabbing a profound understanding of the words by reading the examples. 

  • Learn pronunciation 

Besides the words, you must also learn the pronunciation of the words. The examiner who would be taking the IELTS speaking test would focus on pronunciation more than accents. Therefore, you must also give a glance at the pronunciation of the words which would be mentioned right in front of the words in the dictionary. Pronunciation is also needed to enhance listening skills in the English language. Therefore, work on improving your pronunciation as well while you are learning words. 

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A perfect study spot, a dictionary in a paper format, and a cup of coffee will enliven your process of learning vocabulary. We hope that you will find the tips elaborated on above quite effective to upgrade the level of your English vocabulary. Furthermore, read newspapers to get yourself familiar with a number of new words on a daily basis. 

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