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How To Choose The Right Skateboard Helmet

by Uneeb Khan

Before heading out for a cool bike ride, it’s important to always make sure you’re properly protecting your head with a skateboard helmet. When choosing a helmet, it should fit securely on your head and cover the top of your forehead down to your eyebrows. Depending on the model, straps should secure both under the chin as well as over the crown of your head for optimal safety.

You’ll also want to verify that your helmet is compliant with standard safety regulations like those enforced by CPSC or ASTM F 1492 – which certify that helmets are impact-resistant and provide suitable protection against injury. When shopping for skateboard helmets, look for these certifications before making a purchase. Being informed and safe on the streets can ensure an enjoyable riding experience free of any worrying accidents.


-Make sure the helmet is secure and fits your head properly

-Verify that it meets safety regulations

-Ensure its impact resistance for maximum protection

-Choose a helmet with straps for optimal security.

-Check for CPSC or ASTM F 1492 certifications before making a purchase.

Skateboard helmet is most important tool for safe and enjoyable street riding. Invest in one today to make sure you’re properly protected while shredding the streets!

1. Make sure the helmet fits your head properly. Measure your head size and look for helmets that have adjustable straps and pads to ensure a secure fit.

2. Verify that the helmet is compliant with safety regulations, such as those enforced by CPSC or ASTM F 1492.

3. Pay attention to the impact resistance of the helmet and ensure it is suitable for your level of activity.

4. Look for helmets with straps, both under the chin and over the crown of your head for optimal safety.

5. Check for certifications such as CPSC or ASTM F 1492 before making a purchase.

6. For maximum protection, choose a helmet with ventilation ports and adjustable sizing.

7. Make sure to check reviews and ask fellow riders about their experience with different brands of skateboard helmets before making your choice.

By following the above tips, you can make sure you have the right helmet for your needs and stay safe in style! Remember that a skateboard helmet is an essential piece of safety gear and should never be overlooked when it comes to protecting your head while riding. So, get out there and shred responsibly!

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Final Words:

A skateboard helmet is an essential piece of safety gear for riders and should never be overlooked. Invest in a good helmet that meets safety regulations, fits your head properly, and provides maximum protection. With the right helmet, you can stay safe while shredding the streets!

Happy riding!

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