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Autoflowering seeds are a type of cannabis seed that will flower on their own, without the need for a light cycle. They are the product of crossbreeding different strains over many years to create plants which automatically switch from the veg stage into the flowering stage. This makes them ideal for growers who don’t want or can’t provide separate lighting conditions for their plants.

When shopping around for autoflower seeds, it’s important to look at several factors including customer service and shipping options. You also want an auto-flowering seed bank that has good reviews from previous customers! The best way is by checking out our list below!

The reputation of the seed bank

The reputation of a seed bank is very important. Do your research and talk to other growers before you buy from any company that you haven’t heard of or don’t know much about. Check out customer reviews on sites like Trustpilot and other third party review sites to see what others have said about their experiences with the company.

Variety of Strains

If you’re looking for auto-flowering seeds, then make sure the company has a wide selection to choose from! Look into the strain names and find out more information about each one so you know exactly what type of plant will be growing in your garden. A reputable seed bank should have many different types of strains. This way, you can choose which one is best suited for your growing conditions, as well as what type of high or flavor profile you prefer.

Customer Service

It’s also good to know that the company has good customer service in case anything goes wrong with your order or if there’s an issue with the seeds themselves (such as them being sterile).

Return Policy

Seed banks can vary in their return policies, so make sure to read the fine print before placing an order. It’s important that you know what your rights are as a customer, and how long after purchasing a product from them you’ll have to make returns or exchanges if necessary.Checkout: https://ilgm.com/ for more information.

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