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How Much Does It Cost To Prepare a Real Property Report?

by Uneeb Khan

Real Property Reports (RPR) are an integral part of the land surveying process. Whether it is for commercial, residential, or public buildings, generating an RPR is a must for land surveyors. Buyers and sellers must keep in mind the costs associated with its preparation while making a total estimate of the surveying process.

Before we move onto the costs associated with the Real Property Report, let us see exactly what it is and who needs it.

What is a Real Property Report (RPR)?
In simple words, a Real Property Report (RPR) refers to a type of legal document created by a recognized land surveyor. It is used to showcase the exact boundaries and structures of a person’s property.

Is that it?

Well, the answer is no! RPR is a much more detailed document outlining all the minute details about the property and its permanent structures built. information such as utility rights-of-way, easements, overland water drainage restrictions, etc. are all mentioned therein.

Who Needs To Get An RPR Made?
Anyone wanting to buy or sell a piece of land or building requires an RPR. In case it is not already created, he/she may need to contact the land surveyor to generate a new one. Otherwise, most properties already have an existing RPR, which needs to be timely updated.

Why Does An RPR Need To Be Updated?
Any new permanent structure built on an existing property needs to be added to its RPR. These structures include (but not limited to) drenches, fences, patios, decks, gates, sheds, house extensions, air conditioning units, etc.

It is basically intended to showcase adherence to strict standards of practice, municipal bylaws and legal regulations.

How Much Does It Cost To Prepare An RPR?
The actual cost of getting a Real Property Report in Calgary depends on whether it is a new report to be made afresh, or updation of an existing one.

In addition, the cost is dependent on factors such as:

1. Size of the property

2. Location of the property

3. Type of property

Average Cost Of New RPR
On average, the cost of a basic RPR varies from $0 to $600, and can go up to $1200. Costs rise for multi-residential and commercial properties.

Average Cost Of Updated RPR
A typical update in the RPR costs between $0 to $700. An important part of the RPR update is getting a City of Calgary compliance stamp. This generally costs around $9 (included in the above estimate).

Where Do I Get An RPR Made?
CORE Geomatics is a team of expert land surveyors with over 10 years of industry experience. Equipped with state-of-the-art technologies and modern equipment, the land surveyors offer innovative solutions for a varied client base. Creating Real Property Reports for record turnarounds is the team’s USP.

Get in touch with our representatives and get a quote for a new or updated RPR today!

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