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How Much Does Golf Shaft Weight Matter?

by Uneeb Khan

We’re almost two months into 2022 and the spring is coming up fast. You’re probably itching to get back to the driving range or out on the course.

But before you do, pause and take a moment to think about golf shaft weight. Sure, you’ve heard, as have we all, how important shaft flexibility and stability are. Volumes have been written on the importance of matching flex to swing speed and tempo – but what about weight?

This metric is often overlooked in favor of other traits (like flex, kick point, and torque) that have a more immediately noticeable impact on player performance.

But before you reoutfit your clubs and go looking for golf shafts for sale, take a minute to reflect on shaft weight and if what you’re currently playing with could be changed for the better.

Shaft Weight: The Basics
Golf shafts typically weigh somewhere between 90 and 120 grams, being classified broadly as lightweight, mid-weight, and heavyweight shafts.

Shaft weight can have a very marked impact on the performance of a golfer, and can actually impact the player’s perception of and interaction with flex, torque, kick point, and other features.

You might think that a lighter shaft is automatically better for a player with a slower swing speed. On the surface, this might appear to be correct, as a player should be able to swing a lighter shaft at a higher speed. It would follow then that players with higher swing speeds would benefit from heavier shafts. This is not always the case, and there are more subtle factors that need to be addressed first.

Golf Shaft Weight: Swing Performance and Consistency
First, in order to illustrate how much of an impact shaft weight can have on a player’s swing, let’s take a look at some of the signs that may indicate there is something amiss with shaft weight.

If you experience any of the following conditions, your shaft weight may be poorly matched to your abilities:

  •  Having a hard time making consistent contact with the golf ball
  • Trouble with follow-through
  • Difficulty reaching longer distances
  • Poor accuracy
  • Lower ball speeds (light shafts encourage casting, an early unhinging of the wrists that makes it harder to achieve higher speeds)
  • Greater or inconsistent shot dispersion
  • Something feels “off” with the shaft and club but you can’t pinpoint what it is

However, it is important to note that this is not a complete list, and these issues may also be indicative of other issues, such as flex, torque, or length. A professional can help you identify issues such as these through golf club fitting services so you can be more confident that you are addressing the areas that are having the greatest impact on your game.

Where Can I Learn More or Find Golf Shafts for Sale?
If you’re concerned that the shaft you’re playing with is either too light or too heavy for you, consider reaching out to the professionals at Dallas Golf Company, either online at DallasGolf.com, by phone at 800-955-9550, or by visiting them in their store in Dallas, Texas.

In addition to offering an online shaft fitting tool and in-person club fitting services, Dallas Golf Company also offers a wide range of golf shafts for sale, from top brands like Aldila, Fujikura, True Temper, Mitsubishi, Project X, and countless others – perfect for irons, putters, fairway woods, and drivers.

Take a look through their collection and get in touch with them at the number above if you have any questions about shaft weight and performance!

For More Information about Golf Stand Bags and Autoflex Golf Shaft Please Visit: Dallas Golf Company Inc.

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