How is Janam Patri / Kundli beneficial?

Janam Patrika or Janam Kundli shows a person’s birth chart specifying the placement of planets, stars and zodiac signs to draw a map of upcoming events. This report provides a detailed analysis of an individual’s physical presence and disposition, strengths along with weaknesses and favourable or even unfavourable situations.

Janam Kundli predictions are rated by date of birth, place of birth, and time of birth also known as the date of birth astrology

How is Janam Patri beneficial?

We all experience emotional, financial and mental volatility in our lives. Crashes seem to pave the way for tools looking for solutions.

Janam Kundli is one of the tried and tested methods which gives the most satisfactory solution. Be its advanced education, career development, financial stability or the right management of a happy marriage through Janam Kundli analysis can lead to a prosperous life.

Get personalized Janma Kundli analysis and guidance from esteemed astrologers Acharya Indu Prakash Ji. We also provide a feature to create Kundli online (or Janampatri online). Further, Acharya Indu Prakash Ji’s expert team of astrologers could be contacted to get personalized predictions.

Types of Janam Patri?

Janam Kundli depicts the life of a person by telling about the direction and position of the planets during that individual’s birth. As Kundli analysis requires detailed information, it also includes the position of moons and stars which decide the journey in life. According to Hindu mythology, one can get effective solutions and remedies for dispositional planets through Janam Kundli analysis in English and Hindi.

Below are a few types of Janam Kundli that we provide:

Lagna Chart

The Lagna chart is the one that shows the individual’s mentality, earnings, character, relationships, personality, etc. It is possible to find out whether an individual has been influenced by birth or previous birth through the Lagna chart.

Chandra Kundli

Our Kundli-making astrologers use Chandra Kundli to assess and determine the psychological profile of an individual’s personality. In general, the Moon is the one known to be the sign of the people. So this Kundli tells about the level of thinking, memory, consciousness, perception and judgment of a person.


Navamsa charts, which are 1/9th of a sign, are used by astrologers to find out the inner secrets of a person. It also helps create an in-depth analysis of what a person wants and helps them know a lot about themselves. Along with this, this chart even tells you about your life partner.

Chalit Chart

Chalit charts are quite complicated and will take more time to understand. It represents house planets and predicts Dasha results in real-time while making Kundli.

New born baby Janam Patri or Janam Kundli according to time and date of birth

Earth, space and time come together to create an opportunity for a child to come into this world. Through our baby birth prediction, you can gain a deep insight into the life and mind of your child. Based on this you can create a happy and positive environment around your child. Here we will help you with baby name suggestions, baby nakshatra, and Janam Kundli as per date of birth analysis and birth chart. We also inform you about your baby’s health, occupation, education etc. To shape the beginning of your baby right, contact us now for online Janam Kundli services for newborns.

Create your Janam Kundli (Birth Chart) by our Expert Astrologer (Specialized Kundli Making Astrologer)

There are times when sudden changes in our personality can disrupt our mental state. It is difficult for us to knock on the right door on the way to a successful future. For such conditions Kundli making astrologers suggest immediate Kundli or astrological chart check. Your birth chart will reflect the correct alignment of the planets in your houses.

Our Kundli Making, Date of Birth Kundli Analysis and Date of Birth Kundli Prediction services include systematic natal chart reading. All you have to do is provide your exact time, place and date of birth and our expert astrologers will provide you results and effective solutions online in no time.

Astrology can solve anything! To support this fact and show people its power, respected astrologers Acharya Indu Prakash Ji are here by your side to help you.

When can you use Janam Patri?

Janam Kundli is analyzed by an astrologer to chart the future. It is not limited by time or fields. Predictions cover extended areas of life. From choosing the right partner to planning your real estate investment; counselling can help in areas of life. In addition, forecasts also warn of upcoming events that could have an adverse effect. The same provides solutions to protect yourself. In short, there are many phases of life which are covered by Janampatri.

Stages of Janam Patri analysis?

We analyze Janam Kundli according to:

  • Analyze the Kundli chart by learning the basics of Vedic astrology horoscope reading.
  • Synthesizing multiple interpretations using other horoscope analysis techniques to achieve any result.
  • Anticipating all events that may occur in a person’s life.
  • Suggesting ways to improve the quality of Kundli by removing doshas.

Where to get it? is founded by the world’s famous astrologer Acharya Indu Prakash Ji. Our mission is to provide the right knowledge and show the right path to astrology. Get your Janam Patri from and know everything about your life.

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