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How do I apply for mobile insurance?

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As the spread of Corona 19, insurance planners who have made face-to-face sales difficult are actively using mobile insurance subscriptions. The mobile subscription system is a service that enables AT&T insurance consumers to check subscription documents on mobile and complete subscriptions through handwritten signatures. It is estimated that this will not only enhance convenience but also improve incomplete sales and reduce complaints due to the lack of time and space constraints.

According to the insurance industry, the main process of the insurance company’s mobile subscription system is △Consent to personal information processing and identity verification △Confirm insurance subscription details △Confirm contract-related information △Requirements to notify before contract △Confirm application document and handwritten signature △Confirm payment information and complete subscription It consists of, etc.

Customers who want to subscribe to mobile phones first click the URL sent by the designer in charge and authenticate with mobile phone authentication, credit card, or Kakao Pay. After authentication, the contents of insurance such as face-to-face explanation confirmation, product features, and special agreements are checked.

Then, check the contract person/beneficiary information and enter the obligations to notify before the contract, such as health, driving, and occupation. In some cases, the customer directly enters keywords depending on the insurance company in the stage of checking the subscription document. The subscription is completed by signing a handwritten signature on the mobile screen and paying the insurance premium once.

After completing this process, within a few minutes, the mobile electronic signature is completed and a copy of the subscription form is sent via notification talk or e-mail. Through this, the subscriber can check the electronically signed subscription form.

As face-to-face sales of designers become difficult in the aftermath of COVID-19, interest in mobile subscriptions is growing. Although the number of insurance subscribers through CM channels (cyber marketing) has been increasing recently, it is estimated that face-to-face channels account for more than 90% of the total insurance sales methods. This means that the influx of customers through design companies is that great.

It is evaluated that mobile subscriptions can save various costs, such as visiting costs for remote customers. Improvements in incomplete sales and reduction of insolvent contracts are also expected through the customer’s direct electronic signature and contract confirmation through mobile.

In principle, for mobile subscriptions such as electronic signatures, face-to-face explanations with the designer must be made in advance. However, as the avoidance of face-to-face subscriptions by planners is increasing, it is reported that insurance companies are also encouraged to explain products over the phone.

An insurance company official said, “I understand that there is no legal regulation that a solicitor must meet with a customer to explain insurance products. said.

He added, “Insurers did not introduce the electronic signature system because of the coronavirus, but as face-to-face sales have become difficult in the aftermath of the recent coronavirus, there are people saying that they should use electronic signatures to strengthen their sales force.”

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