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Understanding SEO Visibility In-depth

by Uneeb Khan

Search visibility score tells you how many times your website has appeared in different search engines and its ranking amongst other websites. It generally represents the percentage of the total number of clicks done by users. Making your websites visible is very necessary if you want to engage large traffic, professional SEO services know how to increase engagement in your website through different tools.

Certain data shows no websites have ever shown 100% visibility. Only with the help of the right keywords and owning all the organic spots can help you achieve that percentage. Even if you are ranked #1, your visibility will be only 35%, many companies that provide professional SEO services know how to make your website #1. If you ranked #10 then your visibility will be 2% and if your website is not shown on the first page of any search engine, say google, your visibility is 0%.

H2: Why SEO Visibility Is Important?

SEO Visibility is necessary for your site for the following reasons:

1.      Easily finds out the problem

With the help of search visibility, you can easily determine the problem your website is facing Or if there is any available. The algorithm update is available.

2.      It shows the performances of your site

It gives you an actual picture of traffic on your site. For example, You won’t be able to analyze your site’s traffic through raw SEO digits therefore it’s important to have accurate SEO Visibility.

3.      Compare Results for Keywords

You can also compare which keyword is bringing more traffic to your site. SEO Services include only those keywords in your content that are more engaging.

How To Fix Your SEO Visibility

There are various tools and strategies available online through which you can easily fix your SEO Visibility with SEO services. Some of them are listed below:

1.      Optimizing keywords

Analyze the keywords and find out which keyword is more engagement among users and is helping your site to be on top ranks. Also, find out if the keyword performs very less or shows poor results on your site.

2.      Add Popular Keywords

Make a list of keywords that are most popular or google suggested keywords. Professional SEO services provider prepares a complete list of keywords that are suggested by various search engines and are most important. Also, add LSI(Latent semantic indexing) keywords, these keywords appear on the search bar when you search for something.

3.      Update Your Content Frequently

Google provides only the best results therefore make sure you create only high-quality content for your site. Always post content regularly to stay on top of every search engine. You can make a schedule for posting content on your website through SEO services.

4.      Add multimedia

Professional SEO services say that many people get more attracted to media than plain texts therefore always represent your content with different pictures and videos.

Reasons for Dropping in SEO Visibility

Several factors could explain why your SEO Visibility is dropping. But sometimes it gets very difficult to diagnose by SEO services therefore people generally hire professional SEO services to find out the reason behind less Visibility and how to fix that. The following can be the possibilities:

•        Dropping in ranks due to poor keyword choice or poor Content.

•        Removing keywords that is more engaging.

•        You have recently changed any search engine from your campaign.

•        Migration to a new domain.

•        Your contents are not updated or you have not updated the algorithm so many times.

•        Due to some technical glitches that might occur sometimes, for example, server down, the site is not mobile friendly, updates creating issues.

Winding Up

Dropping your SEO Visibility can be stressful because it could damage your business and profits. Sometimes it gets very hard to manage those falling visibility,  but you can easily diagnose it and get it fixed with SEO services. Go through the above-mentioned list and enhance your search visibility in no time.

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