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How can I install QuickBooks?

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QuickBooks is an accounting software that has great features. But it is a fact that users do get stuck when they try to install QuickBooks. The wonderful application helps in record maintenance, bookkeeping or managing finance. You can read this blog and then you will be able to do it. Check to know more.

There are different versions of QuickBooks such as:

  •       QuickBooks Desktop Premier
  •       QuickBooks Desktop Pro
  •       QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise

You can read the blog and so you will have to resolve it.

Download QuickBooks Desktop!

  •       You should visit QuickBooks Intuit Website
  •       Then, you should open its download page
  •       Now, you will get form to fill
  •       Now, you will get three options: Choose country, then choose the versions and then download and then choose the version that you wish to download
  •       Now, you must click on search button
  •       Now, the download page opens and then click on download button
  •       The installation file starts downloading and then save it in the location you want to or download it in the default location
  •       Now, when the download opens, you must open the browser
  •       Go to download folder and then search for installation file
  •       Now, you can check the steps

Installation of QuickBooks Desktop

  •       Open the file named QuickBooks.exe
  •       Then, you must follow the instructions
  •       Now, you should accept the software license agreement
  •       Then, you can select the next button
  •       Now you would need to enter your product and license numbers and hit the next tab again

You should choose which version is perfect for you

  •       First of all, you must open the file explorer, then you should locate the downloaded QuickBooks installation file
  •       Then, you must double click on it, start the installation process
  •       The Window of installation opens up on your screen
  •       Now, you must accept the license agreement for proceeding with the software installation
  •       Now, you can click on the next button just after every step
  •       Next when it asks to enter the product and license key and then enter it correctly
  •       Now, you must click on the next button
  •       Then, it will ask you the type of installation, you want to do so
  •       Now, you should choose the option that you can do
  •       Then type of installation and its detail

Follow and apply the steps to resolve it. You can go through the steps and so you will be able to troubleshoot it.

Related Quickbooks Errors you should check:

Choose Custom and network installation

  •       Choose this installation type named Custom and network install
  •       Now, you must click on the next button to continue
  •       Then, you should tap on the option how you use the QuickBooks
  •       Now, you must open up screen click on change installation location
  •       Then, you should select the browse option to start the search for a location choose it

Check to find out how to install QuickBooks? Read to know more!

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