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HONDA VARIO 160 unveiled in Indonesia

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HONDA has unveiled the new VARIO 160 in Indonesia. The new VARIO 160 is a sporty bike that continues the design of the current model while adding the coolness of the ADV150 and increasing its displacement.

The frame and engine are all new!

The HONDA VARIO 160 has been launched in Indonesia with a new eSP+ water-cooled four-cylinder single-cylinder engine similar to last year’s PCX160, but with a slightly narrower front and rear tyre width than the PCX160, and a USB TYPE A connector for a sporty way of getting around town.

A USB Type A connector is included in the glove box to allow the rider to charge 3C devices during the ride. The 14″ front and rear wheels are shaped differently from the PCX and the factory tyres are a little narrower than the PCX. The frame is based on a new version of the eSAF (enhanced Smart Architecture Frame) technology, first used on the Dio 110, and the braking system is available in ABS (front only) and CBS. The space under the seats is limited to 18L and the fuel tank is only 5.5L.

The braking system is available with ABS or CBS, the photo shows the ABS version. The luggage space under the seat is 18L and can be used to store mackintoshes and other personal belongings.

The VARIO 160 has a full digital instrument panel that displays speed, mileage, fuel, smart key indicator, clock, fuel consumption, battery voltage, oil indicator, ISS indicator and much more. The headlights are all LED, and the front plate holder is standard in the centre of the front end, as required by Indonesian regulations. The sporty, compact tail lights and the directional lights are also LEDs. The information on the digital instrumentation is displayed in high contrast. A smart key is fitted as standard, so that the rider can operate the bike even if the key is in his pocket.

The VARIO 160 is priced at an MSRP of Rp 25,800,000 (approx. NTD 50,000) in Indonesia, which is a little higher than the PCX 160’s Rp 30,945,000 (approx. NTD 60,000).

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