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Habits that might be damaging your hair

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You, much like everyone else, also aspire to have healthy and beautiful hair. Mane that falls right into place, volume that is just right, and appearance that oozes health. But you, yourself, might also be the reason why your hair is suffering.

Our habits that cause damage our hair

We tend to partake in many habits that can cause damage to our hair, unbeknownst to us. These cannot only affect the appearance of our hair but may also be the reason behind hair loss.

However, if you are having trouble with your hair, it also helps to have the opinion of the Best Skin Specialist in Karachi, since they can better assess the state of your hair.

Some of the habits that are common, yet damaging for your hair include:

Complicated braid and similar updos

Admittedly, French braids look beautiful. Such hairstyles help you in channeling different youthful looks. However, these also involve too much stress on the hair; from the tugging to the complicated turns that your strands undergo, all then causes your hair to become weak and break off.

You may make these hairstyles once in a blue moon, but don’t make them an everyday occurrence.

Hot showers

The soothing hot showers might be the thing that you enjoy the most, however, this habit Is not good for your scalp. Hot water can strip off the essential oils from the scalp and can also make the hair dry. So, try to wash your hair with lukewarm water.

Not brushing your hair enough, and the right way

If you have curly and unruly mane, chances are that brushing your hair is something you try to avoid at all costs. However, not brushing often enough is also not healthy.

It can cause knots and tangles to develop in the hair, so when you do end up brushing your hair, you then have to tug at them, which promotes hair breakage.

Moreover, if you tug too hard at the brush, that is also bad for your hair. So, try to brush your hair daily, and use gentle motion.

Using dirty hairbrushes

When was the last time you washed your hairbrush? If you cannot jog your memory enough to remember when you washed your hairbrush, then it may very well be that you are not washing them often enough.

Dead skin cells, debris, and oil can get accumulated on the brush, and rubbing the same dirty brush through your hair can cause pileup on your scalp. Dirty scalp means unhealthy hair. So, make sure that you wash your brush every week.

Wet hair treatment

When our hair is wet post-shower, it is in a fragile state. The strands are then more likely to break if you brush the hair wet, or towel dry them using excessive and harsh squeezing motion.

So, make sure that you treat your hair gently. Refrain from brushing your hair; if you want to, then just run a wide-tooth comb through it. Use a t-shirt or some cotton cloth to gently squeeze out the moisture.

Too much heat treatment

Straighter, curling rod, blow dryers etc. expose your hair to too much heat, which can damage your hair. So, try to pipe down on its usage. Similarly, wear protectant spray prior to heat application.

Making tight ponytails

Arianna Grande might have you falling in love with high ponytail, but this hair style is actually not that great for your hair. Making these hair styles involves pulling and tugging at the hair, especially the ones close to the hair line. This then causes hair to become weak, and break.

Ponytails can also then cause you to have hair loss and bald patch then, and that too, often right as the front of your hairline. Hence, refrain from indulging too much in tight pony tails, and report to Best Dermatologist in Lahore if you are developing bald patches. 

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