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Guide To Proper Diagnostic Of Heavy Equipment Mechanics

by Uneeb Khan

Heavy equipment mechanics are the ones who are responsible to maintain the machine on regular basis. It is an important concern for the mechanics that diagnose the issues in the machine for a proper repair. But what if the diagnostic remains unnoticed and the mechanic clear the machine after maintenance? It would be big trouble for the equipment operator and owner.

The mechanic must be careful enough while diagnosing the errors and checking the equipment. They might keep a checklist to follow during the maintenance process. The checklist will also prevent you from missing anything crucial from the maintenance list.

In this article, we are giving you tips on how to diagnose equipment mechanics properly.

1. Get the equipment’s basic data

When you are using equipment on the site or getting used heavy equipment for sale, you need to ask for the machine’s data. The basic data will help you to understand where and how long the machine has been in use.

The data can be collected by using telematics which will be much easier for the mechanic to understand the entire history of the equipment. The data will also reveal every bit of the information so that errors can be identified. The data may collect the error data in codes that need to be translated. The mechanics must be trained enough to understand the software. Mechanics must ask relevant and specific questions from the operator to understand the problem.

2. Translate the error code

Once you get the digital data of the equipment, you will get error codes. Now you are supposed to translate and read that code. The codes will tell you where the actual problem is. You can use software like PROSIS (Product Support Information System) that is expert in reading the codes more efficiently. All you need to do is enter the error code in the software and it will turn them into sensible information for you.

3. Understand maintenance needs

When you find a newer error in the machine, do not start working on it immediately. Try to understand the maintenance requirement first. You can read the manufacturer’s service information. This information is in documented form and you can find if someone previously has faced the same issue. The issue must have a solution. The solution will give you detailed information about the unique error. This way, you can save time and can work more efficiently.

4. Check key vitals of the machine

In case, you do not find any data in the digital form and codes, then you must check the machine’s basics. The basic checks include filter leak, oil texture, oil condition, fluid level, machine temperatures, etc. The engine condition will also tell you what is wrong with the machine. If the equipment is a crane and excavator try to check their booms and other parts. Further, do not avoid any unusual noises as well from either new or used heavy equipment for sale.


All the equipment needs proper diagnostics for appropriate maintenance. The pre-diagnosis of the equipment is necessary to provide better maintenance services. To get the right information your need to have proper data that you can get from the telematics of the machine. You can find a further guide on the proper diagnosis of the machine in this article.

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